Yuan Mei Chen (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Chen WenJin

Established in Jun 2007, Yuan Mei Chen (S) Pte Ltd is a construction company specializing in interior renovations. With most, if not all, of their projects coming from residential projects such as HDB home renovations, the company has built up a reputation as a reliable and hardworking company, willing to go the extra mile for their clients on their requirements.

Founder and current General Manager Mr. Chen WenJin is not someone that is new in the industry. Born in China, Mr. Chen was in the industry at a very young age in his home country. “You can say that I was born into this industry. Previously, I worked for others. But with my years of experience in the industry, it seemed natural to establish my own company within the industry.”

With establishment of any new company, the beginning is always the most difficult. The same was the case for Yuan Mei Chen. Mr. Chen said, “It was difficult at the start, as we were not familiar with our sources. We were new, and at various points we are unsure of whether our company would even survive.” However, with the help and advice from local partners, Yuan Mei Chen managed to make it past the initial stages. “We would not have been able to make it otherwise,” Mr. Chen said.

However, with the recent tightening of government policies regarding foreign workers, Yuan Mei Chen is facing a latest challenge of their own. “A work permit is quite expensive. But at the same time, the workers that come in are not as experienced and skilled as before.”

To ensure that Yuan Mei Chen continues to be at the forefront of the industry, Mr. Chen has committed his company to one that continuously improve with the times. “Especially with regards to technology, we are doing our utmost to keeping up with technology and the latest trends. Times are changing, and we have to change with them.” He also emphasizes on the importance of his associate companies that work with them. “We put our efforts into helping each other, and slowly build up trust with them and our suppliers. We know we cannot do it ourselves, and need the support of our partners to flourish.”

With their efforts, Yuan Mei Chen has sustained a steady flow of business, reliable associates, and success in the construction industry. Mr. Ho Chin Woh, one of the long serving staff members in Yuan Mei Chen, commented, “The company has grown a lot since their establishment. From a sub-contractor, we have upgraded our status to a main contractor. We have also gotten the various licenses we need to open the doors within the industry, like the BCA license. By coming this far, it is our greatest achievement with the company.”

Now an entrepreneur for seven years, we asked Mr. Chen about the lessons he had learnt in this time period. He said, “It’s all about the team working together; the employees and the employer. It’s not about the boss at all. One person cannot accomplish everything. What is important is that there is team effort, working toward a common goal.” Mr. Chen then further added, “In every business, especially the service industry, it is also very important to know how to handle your customers. It is not easy to cater to their requirements, but as a service provider, you have to do all you can to meet their standards.”

Recently celebrating their seventh year in business, Yuan Mei Chen looks to continue their success for the years ahead. Mr. Chen said, “Currently, we are just looking to stay in the Singapore market for now. We do not want to expand too aggressively, but we do want to maintain our quality at the current level. Of course, if there is a good opportunity sometime down the line, depending on Singapore’s economy, we would definitely consider further expansion.”

With their recent results, Yuan Mei Chen has proven themselves a reliable and professional service provider in the construction industry. With their receipt of the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award, we hope that it will only be the first of many more successes to come in the future.

Contact Details:
52 Ubi Avenue 3 #03-27
Frontier S(408867)
T| 6846 1838
F| 6846 9877
E| ymc@ymc.com.sg



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