Linking Heartz Design & Build Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eddie Tan

The Linking Heartz brand was established in 2011 due to company’s director, Eddie Tan’s desire to a holistic service in interior design and renovation works.

Having a background in civil engineering, Eddie faced a steep learning curve at the start. He said that he had to seek the advice of industry veterans and learn from them within a short span of time. The company started out as a “one man show” where Eddie has to take care of the managerial decisions right down to the administrative matters.

The initial period was a tough one for Eddie; however, he refused to give up on his dream. He said: “I had this vision to grow the company to include a wide range of different services, I needed to persevere.”

Eddie came up with the idea of employing fresh graduates. He said that this was a bold move that paid off, as it gave the company a creative edge. Elaborating more on this point, Eddie said that he provided fresh graduates with precious job opportunities, and they in turn provided a fresh perspective on the creative and technical aspect of things.

In addition, Eddie also highlighted the importance of marketing and publicity. He said that he would advertise his services through magazines and the newspaper in order to raise Linking Heartz’s brand awareness.

However, Eddie added, after raising brand awareness, a company will then go on to prove its mettle by showcases its abilities and knowledge. It is the quality and standard of a company’s services that will bring in the clients, not the level of marketing.

Linking Heartz stands apart in the design and build industry due to their unique heritage. Eddie came up with the company’s name as he used to be deeply involved in volunteer work as a grassroot leader in the Geylang Serai constituency. He acted as the chairman for the Geylang Serai Youth Executive Committee (YEC) and was also a member of the Geylang Serai Community Club Management Committee. It is with his nature of being of service to the larger community that he wants to use the services he offers to link the hearts of people.

Eddie also said that the ability to deliver customers’ expectation is something that must take precedence over everything else. This is because a company’s service will be the best testament to a brand, nothing else will be.

The company is already making plans for the future; they wish to expand their operations by first expanding on the size of their manpower. In addition, Eddie also hopes to set up an alliance with all of his sub-contractors. This will not only allow them to better communicate with each other during different projects, but also allow bonding and the creation of lasting friendships.

Eddie feels that Linking Heartz had come a long way. He said: “We have come a long way, our big milestone was building a 16,000sqf childcare center at Grandstand, the largest in Singapore.”

“Have a dream, a small one then develop it bigger”, said Eddie. Clearly, Eddie’s success is a great example that dreams do come true for those who dream big. He went on to explain that one must always have passion for the work. Eddie mentioned that his source of motivation and inspiration comes from transforming an empty space into a client’s dreamscape.

“I started out at twenty-nine, with only five years of working experience, I took my first step in entrepreneurship”, quipped Eddie. This fully exemplified the courage of this daring young man.

He says that the entrepreneurial journey is always going to be rough and rocky. However, he said: “I want to prove to myself that I can make it on my own.”

Evidently, the success of Linking Heartz originated from a mere dream by one individual who managed to persevere through sheer grit. Thus, the company’s success stands as a true testament that success can come true for anyone who is willing to dream big and work hard.

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30 Defu Lane 10
T| 9855 9091


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