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Mr. Jaz Lai

Living in Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world, people will often find means to maximize their income in order to remain financially competent. However, it is difficult for a novice to find correct and useful information about wealth management or wealth maximization. Thankfully, this is where Jaz Lai Pte Ltd steps into the picture.

Established in 2009 by Jaz Lai, the company has been providing training classes and seminars for eager students who are curious to learn about the know-hows of starting online businesses and wealth management. As of today, hundreds of students have benefitted from Jaz’s course, and many are well on their way to financial independence.

However, behind the success, Jaz’s story is one filled with trials and tribulations. He said: “I graduated with a degree in fashion, upon graduating, I started work as a fashion designer.” He eventually started his own brand at the turn of the century, and initially envisioned big things to come.

Unfortunately, that endeavor was short-lived, as he was forced to close down his business venture in 2005.

However, this did not stop Jaz from his quest to be successful in life. In fact, his failure as a fashion designer only strengthened his desire for success. “It was around 2004 that I saw the potential of the internet, particularly, the use of a database of subscribers,” quipped Jaz. He went on to elaborate that an online database will enable him to reach a bigger audience all within a matter of seconds.

When he came up with his first training CD, he immediately tapped into his existing resources, and his materials were sent to hundreds of online subscribers with the click of a button.

Finding his niche in the training business is something he takes pride in. Jaz says that helping people make more money is actually secondary, he emphasized that he is mainly concerned with improving people’s standard of living.

“This is not all about money, I have seen the typical 9-6 office workers and students change their whole life because of the training,” said Jaz. Thus, Jaz dedicates his work to empower people with knowledge, so that their lives can be holistically improved.

Moreover, he also mentioned that the online business is reciprocal, and people need a vast network in order to ensure a smooth operation.

“Just imagine that you’re a supplier, and you require a website developer, and a content manager to push your product to the bigger market. You will always need a team in order to succeed,” said Jaz. The belief in reciprocity is another key factor in Jaz’s online training ethos, as he believes that people can interact and learn from each other, and overcome hurdles with team effort.

A dedicated family man, Jaz says that he works to better provide for his family. He stated: “I am motivated by my family and my wife and son inspire me. I work so that I am able to give them the things I didn’t have when I was young.” Jaz is a perfect example that he works not for the sake of working, as he works in order to secure a better life for the future generation.

The success of Jaz Lai Pte Ltd is the story of an individual’s determination and hard work. The company will only continue their ascension as they believe in making a dream come true regardless of the difficulties. It is also this very trait that has garnered them the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award, and undoubtedly, this is just the beginning of bigger things to come for the coming years.

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