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Mr. Anson Seo

In the scorching hot temperatures of sunny Singapore, most indoor buildings in Singapore have air-conditioners installed to combat the heat and humidity. However, as with all machines, they require someone with skill and experience for installation, as well as maintenance, and even replacement at intervals. Should someone require such services, they would do well to consider the services of Fusion Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd, a veteran in the air-conditioning industry.

Established in 1994, Fusion Air-Con’s core business includes providing installation, maintenance, and repair services for air-conditioners of both residential and commercial varieties. These services range from machine diagnosis, chemical cleaning services, second-hand air-conditioner purchase/installation, and more. With 20 years of experience, Fusion Air-Con’s main mission is to provide timely, professional, but at the same time, cost-effective services to their clients.

Founder and Manager, Mr. Anson Seo, has been at the helm of the company since it started, and he shared with us his entrepreneurial experience with Fusion Air-Con. “Straight out from the army, I joined the air-conditioning industry as an employee in another company. After 7 years in this industry, a friend came and approached me for a partnership in our own air-conditioning company.” Accepting the offer, Fusion Air-Con Engineering was thus born.

When they first started, the size of the company was small. Anson said, “Regarding our finances, we had to slowly accumulate our reserves. Also, it was hard to find manpower at the start of our operations. The manpower issue is one that has continuously affected us until now. With the government stricter on the foreign worker’s policies, the levy has increased while the quota has become more stringent. At the same time, Singaporeans do not like to do manual labor, so finding the right people for the job is, and will continue to be a challenge for us.”

To counter this challenge, and keep the business as prominent as possible, Fusion Air-Con focused their efforts on the quality of their service instead. Anson said, “That way, it is easier for us to manage as well. For the other air-conditioning companies, they outsource their work to external workers. But as we have employees in-house, we are able to take on the work directly. That is something that differentiates us from our competitors.”

Their efforts to strive for the best in the industry did not fail them. With their expertise and longevity in the air-conditioning industry, many clients have looked to Fusion Air-Con to be their long-term service provider, and Anson views that as one of his proudest achievements with the company. “When clients praise us, and gives us compliment for our work. It is very satisfying. But what I am most proud of is the fact that we have lasted 20 years in the industry. Any business that can last that long can surely be defined as a success.”

Having already spent many years as an entrepreneur, Anson reflects on the lessons he has learnt throughout the years. “In this line, the service line, we have to face many clients of various types. Therefore, it is important to cultivate the right attitude. It reflects in how you handle your clients, your workers, your materials, and your sales as well. Without the right attitude, it will be difficult to keep any business afloat for long.”

Besides having the right attitude, Anson also feels that perseverance and hard work plays an integral role as well. “An entrepreneur needs to be patient, have the perseverance, and be hardworking. They need these qualities as, along the journey, they will need to learn how to deal with challenges and how to overcome them.”

Looking to the future, Anson is not looking to rest on his laurels just yet. “Of course, we are thinking of expanding our operations. But that depends very much on manpower. Maybe somewhere down the line, we will look to the Asia market. That is a market that is not easy to break into, but we shall see.”

Under the guidance and leadership of Anson, and with the assistance of his team and employees, the company has worked together to forge the success they currently enjoy. From the way the company’s progressing, it stands to reason that Fusion Air-Con will only invite many more years of success in the future.

Contact Details:
416 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
#01-1003 S(560416)
T| 6456 6919
F| 6456 9447
E| fusionaircon@yahoo.com.sg

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