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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Patrick Wong

“Success is not determined by the type of business you are in, but how you run the business.”  This is the philosophy behind Amici Enterprise’s operations; the term “AMICI” represents friends in Italian. Amici Enterprise is a company which expertise in the wholesale, marketing & distribution of quality branded products in automotive, lighting and consumer electronic market. Amici Enterprise operates as distributor for Philips Automotive Lighting, Blaupunkt In-Car Entertainment, Thorn Lighting, Lemnis LED, etc. The business also proffers lighting products to projects such as the Marina Bay Financial Hub and Shanghai Expo.

Initiated in 2004, Amici Enterprise came to realization by the work of two supreme leaders, Mr Patrick Wong and Mr Marcus Lim. Passion has allowed the duo to build their entrepreneurship from friendships. As Mr Wong elucidated: “My father was a businessman in the timber trade. When I was a teen, I was inspired to see how he worked when he brought me to business meetings.” Mr Wong shared how his desire to start his own business arose. Opportunity came to Mr Wong when his friend introduced him into the automotive lighting industry, and Mr Wong decided to grasp it. Mr Wong chanced upon a fervent Mr Lim as he was building his network, and the partnership was formed.

Prior to starting his entrepreneurship, Mr Wong was working in a MNC (Multi-National Corporation). As he left his line of work to initiate Amici Enterprise, Mr Wong realized the business was incapacitated and restricted. “I felt handicapped as running a business was very different compared to working in a MNC, especially in company setup and system.” Mr Wong explained. Nevertheless, nothing is to impede the progress made by the duo. “I grew the business and started it in a very ‘organic’ manner. Despite that, I made use of the business sense imparted from my father, and the good MNC practices that I leaned in my previous workplace.” Mr Wong divulged how he managed to conquer the challenges at hand.

What make Amici Enterprise exclusive from the pack are its audacious leaders, who do not hesitate to try something new, and to diversify the company business. Amici Enterprise has expanded into the foreign market. Other than Singapore; the company has expanded into Malaysia and Vietnam through local partnerships. Sustaining the business along with the two superlative leaders are the personnel of the company, who dubbed themselves as the Amici Group. “My entire team, the Amici Group, is the company key asset. Although they have joined us at different timings, all of us are committed to the company’s wellbeing. The company will not be the same without the Amici Group as a whole.” Mr Wong said sentimentally and assertively.

Mr Wong then shared his belief on entrepreneurship: “I believe entrepreneurship is all about business development and building the company. You must know what you are doing and have vision for it.” Rooting on for Mr Wong through all hardships is his wife, Mrs Wong. “My wife made up this statement: ‘Success is not determined by the type of business you are in, but how you run your business.’ I have been basing Amici Enterprise on this philosophy all along.” Mr Wong continued: “My passion to start my own business was clear but I wasn’t sure of the industry to start with. She gave me the confidence and encouraged me to move on.”

Amici Enterprise is a business that proliferated by the sinews of friendship surrounding the business. “We named the business Amici, as Amici stands for friends in Italian, and Amici Enterprise was brought to us by friends around us.” Mr Lim explicated. Mr Wong then listed the qualities needed for success: “Courage and Vision. You need to have the courage to try new things and the vision to see the direction you are heading.” Mr Wong then advocated: “I believe with these two qualities, an entrepreneur can go very far.”

Despite having made its foray into Malaysia and Vietnam in 2005 and 2007 respectively, the leaders of Amici Enterprise are not contented to just stop here. “We are looking to expand in terms of the business unit, bringing in more products, and developing into the software platform. Also we hope to develop our business being social responsible and towards green” Without doubt, with such marvelous “Amici Group” at helm, the business will grow perpetually in the years to come.

Contact Details:
48 Toh Guan Road East #09-127
Enterprise Hub S(608586)
T| 6560 1296
F| 6560 4956


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