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DSCN5853 copyNames of Recipients:
Ms. Chrisandra Heng
Mr. Brandon Liu

With a long history of design excellence and quality services, SCA Design has been one of Singapore’s leading corporate solutions provider in recent years. Established in 2001 by Ms. Chrisandra Heng, SCA Design specializes in multi-disciplinary commercial interior design in Singapore and overseas. Committed to creating works based on sound commercial principles and excellence in design and sustainability, the company is constantly seeking to exceed expectations of their clients and associates.

As a one-stop service provider, SCA Design manage the entire design and build process for their clients, saving time as well as providing convenience and quality control under one roof. Their comprehensive range of services includes project and site evaluation, facilities and space planning, design services, tendering, construction management, post-occupancy services, and more. No matter the amount of budget or project scope, SCA Design promises the same high level of service excellence for their clients.

With a background in interior design, Chrisandra founded SCA Design with another partner, and began to grow the business from its humble beginnings. “We had the passion for interior design, and we had the vision to create a better work environment for everyone.” As the business expanded, SCA Design started to bring in industry experts from overseas, which was when fellow Director, Mr. Brandon Liu, joined in 2008.

Speaking of SCA Design’s initial years, Chrisandra said, “When SCA Design was established, there were only three people at the start. We were a small start-up, while other companies with better track records were already in the industry for a long time. We knew we have a less competitive edge compared to international brands and established firms, so we had to work harder.”

Knowing of their shortcomings in experience and size, SCA Design sought to prove themselves through their results. “It is important to have faith, to never stop trying and be hungry in the pursuit of our goals. In the end, it all comes down to dedication and results.” Chrisandra continued, “We spend lots of time and effort pitching for various projects, and once we win one, we strive to deliver results that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.”

With their dedication to quality and service excellence, SCA Design began to see its stock rising in the industry, aided by the rise in the number of projects in Singapore. Brandon said, “With the constant influx of foreign businesses in Singapore, there has always been opportunity for corporate interior design firms. It’s whether you have the right team and approach to ensure that every project is a success ”

In 2011, to further solidify their ascent, SCA Design integrated with the ONG&ONG Group, a company with an unparalleled reputation for their incorporation of architecture, engineering, interior design, branding and landscape design over the last forty years. With the partnership, SCA Design, together with ONG&ONG, was now able to provide a 360° solution for all elements of the construction business and processes.

Both Chrisandra and Brandon credits much of their success to their 35-man strong team. Chrisandra said, “In the studio, everyone is equal. We cultivate our team to take ownership, while also giving them guidance instead of instructions.” Brandon then added, “We always put our people first, front and center. This is what we are about”.

Continuing along the same vein, both directors believe that team effort is integral to any company’s success. Brandon said, “Team synergy is very important; you rely on each other’s strengths, as not one person can do it all on their own. With your team, you can always put forward the best solutions for your projects.” Chrisandra also adds, “It is important for colleagues to respect one another. Mistakes will happen, but it’s important to learn and always strive to be better”.

At the same time, Chrisandra also believes that an aspiring entrepreneur should have passion and fun in their work. “If you fail but never give up, one day you’ll be successful as well. And have fun! You spend almost eight to nine hours at your job a day, so it definitely needs to be something you enjoy doing.”

Having accomplished much since their establishment, SCA Design looks to the future with much optimism. Chrisandra said, “We believe that internal growth is important. So if the opportunity allows, we are intending to establish internal entrepreneurship within SCA Design itself. This will allow our team members to come out and set up their own internal setup studios within, while expanding our company as well.”

Armed with success and experience, combined with the capable leadership of Chrisandra and Brandon, SCA Design has firmly established themselves as a forerunner in the design and construction industry. And with the receipt of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2014, there is no doubt that there is even greater success ahead for the company in the near future.

Contact Details:
510 Thomson Road #06-00
SLF Building S(298135)
T| 6253 4886
F| 6255 4568


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