Merlyn Groups Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Melinda Ang

Established in 1988 by Melinda Ang, Merlyn Groups is a beauty centre located in the heart of Serangoon.

The company specializes in the promotion of better skin, especially in the area of pigmentation, acne, wrinkle, scar, lifting, whitening, and radiance.

Right off the bat, Melinda talked about her company’s mission to become the premium beauty centre in Singapore. She said: “Regardless if people want to patronize us, our service will always come from the heart.”

With a simple dream to “help other people to become beautiful”, Melinda enrolled herself in CIDESCO, the world’s largest international beauty therapy association, to train to become a certified beauty therapist.

With her hard work and determination, Melinda has led her company into becoming an ISO 9001 and 5S certified company.

While maintaining a business, Melinda has not forgotten about her own beliefs and aims to maintain a high standard of integrity in her service to clients. Merlyn Groups is a beauty centre that insists on “no hard sell” tactics, and to prove their point, they even decided to take away the use of a consultation room. This is to facilitate an open counter, where customers are free to purchase any type of service according to their own likings.

This is to reinforce the idea that Merlyn Groups stand behind the idea of “service from the heart”. The company takes great pride in being personable and amiable with their clients. This has helped bring about good customer reviews over the years as customers continue to frequent the trusted Merlyn Groups for their beauty solutions.

Melinda talks at length about her emphasis on “service from the heart”, she explained that sincerity is important in every facet of life, not only in business. She said that the most fundamental human quality is to practice sincerity, as this trait is what creates lasting relationships and bonds. It is little wonder that customers from all over Singapore congregate at this centre in Serangoon for their beauty solutions.

In addition, the company also ensures that they stay ahead of the times and bring in the newest state-of-the-art technologies to better serve their eager customers. All this reflects Melinda’s dedication to both her craft and her customers.

“Though we may be involved in a wide variety and heavy volume of activity, we would, if it came to a choice, rather be best than biggest”, said Melinda. This is fully exemplified in every area of Merlyn Groups, as they seek to provide the best customer service, while using the best and latest technology to improve the overall happiness index of their customers.

Moreover, Merlyn Groups is also extremely proud of their staff. Melinda said: “The dedication of our staff to the firm, and the intense effort they give to their jobs is an important part of our success.” As is evident, Merlyn Groups also believe in team spirit within the work place, as this will not only bring about better work productivity, but also foster relationships among people.

“We focus on leadership, planning, information, people, customer, and results”, said Melinda. This management model helps to inform every facet of Merlyn Group’s operations. Going at length to explain the company’s management model, Melinda mentioned that she aims to provide a sense of joy and happiness for both her staff and customers alike. She added that it is only when both parties are happy that a company is able to move forward and prosper. Most importantly, she said that it heartens her to be able to make others beautiful and happy.

Evidently, Merlyn Groups’ success is one that is very well earned. They have managed to combine a passion for beauty and a sound business model to win over the hearts of their customers. The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award marks a significant milestone in the company’s portfolio, and their success is only expected to grow in the years to come.

Contact Details:
Blk 152 #01-346/344 Serangoon North Avenue 1
T| 6281 6066

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