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Ms. Carmen Leong

In the schedule of many modern day Singaporean female, there is bound to be time for one to pamper themselves with various beauty treatments. Nowadays, whether it be a massage or a manicure, there are countless options and packages available. For those who don’t know which to choose, they may wish to consider Finessa Aesthetics Pte Ltd, located strategically in Novena, for their services.

Established in 2009, Finessa Aesthetics specializes in providing beauty and wellness services to their clients, which includes but is not limited to, facial treatments, body massages and slimming, waxing, ear-candling, bust treatments, and more. They have recently relocated their premises to Square 2, a location that will hopefully garner them even more business for the company.

Current Managing Director Ms. Carmen Leong bought over the business in 2010, and since then, she has been doing her utmost to ensure Finessa Aesthetics stays at the forefront of the industry. Here, she shares with us her entrepreneurial journey with the company.

“The beauty industry is not one that is new to me. Previously, I was a manager in a beauty salon. However, I felt the urge to work for something more, hence I decided to buy over Finessa Aesthetics. There’s nothing more than the sense of achievement you get, when you work for yourself instead of others.”

However, graduating from a manager to an entrepreneur meant taking on the challenges of entrepreneurship as well. And for Carmen, it took a dramatic turn. “The takeover was expensive, but I thought everything would be better from then on. What I did not anticipate was that the previous owner would come out and sabotage our business. When we had our official opening, there were only four customers who came. One of them actually told me about it. Apparently, the previous owner called up the clients, told them bad things about the new management, which is us now, and advised them not to go to Finessa Aesthetics anymore. I really did not understand why they would do that.”

Furthermore, in 2010, the popular discount site Groupon was gaining traction. Which meant that many companies in the beauty industry jumped on the bandwagon as well. “On Groupon, many of the beauty companies offered their services at a very low price for their customers. To not fall behind and lose out, we had no choice but to join in with them. However, with the mass discount many beauty companies offer, I feel that it lowers the standard of the industry.”

With the various challenges facing the company, Carmen sought to save the business. “We could only use time to slowly build up our client base. It was a very tough period, we had no sales for five months, but we cannot give up. We pledged to use sincerity to convince our customers of our quality, and to take back our services.”

With their hard work, sincerity, and professionalism, Finessa Aesthetics recovered from the sabotage, and began to bring in customers again. Today, Finessa Aesthetics has, from a hundred clients, increased their client base to about five to six hundred customers. To cap it off, their move to Square 2 proves to be very promising for the future ahead, and is something that Carmen is very proud of. “We have expanded from a neighborhood beauty centre to a centre located in a central shopping mall area. It is not an easy feat, and I can count it as one of my proudest achievements with the business so far.”

Carmen credits much of her success with the people that have continuously given her their support. She said, “My family especially, as well as a very dedicated band of employees. We work hard as a team together, and I always tell them, ‘I am not your boss, your customers are your boss.’ Without my team, I would not have made it till today.”

Having conquered various challenges and difficulties to get to where she is today, Carmen shares with us her secret to success. “You must always believe in yourself, but at the same time, you cannot easily trust others. It is a quality a shrewd entrepreneur should have.” She then further added, “An aspiring entrepreneur also needs to be hardworking; they shouldn’t think that they deserve the success, bur rather, they must earn the results.”

Having recently made the move to Square 2, Carmen is contented with the scale of the business, and has no further plans to expand. “If we expand too aggressively, the level of dedication and professionalism we have now may not remain the same. I do not want to dilute the quality of our services.”

With the awarding of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2014 Award, it is another milestone in the history of Finessa Aesthetics. Under the leadership of Carmen, and with the team’s hard work and expertise, there’s no doubt that there will be more company milestones in the future of the company.

Contact Details:
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-97/98
Novena Square 2 S(307506)
T| 6397 7393

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