Uplink Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Leong Wai Yan

It is always important for there to be a project management team to scrutinize the finished products after a design and build project. Without a good team, clients may lose out due to a lack of quality control. This is where Uplink Pte Ltd comes into the equation.

Established in 2011 by Mr. Leong Wai Yan, Uplink started out as a project management firm, Uplink represents their clients in scrutinizing the costing, valuation, and quality control in the area of office renovation. In recent times, the company started providing design and build for their customers, further adding to their already decorated portfolio.

Wai Yan said that he wanted to start his own business because he had a dream own his own business. A mechanical engineer by training, Wai Yan possessed little knowledge about the design and build industry at the beginning. However, he did not let that become a stumbling block, as he used that as a motivation to further his knowledge in the subject.

Through much reading and hands-on experience, Wai Yan managed to gain a working knowledge on the industry and his business started to prosper. Despite gaining a fine level of experience and knowledge of the business, Uplink was still a relative newcomer in the industry that did not have much brand awareness.

To combat this problem, the team at Uplink worked doubly hard in order to deliver their promises to their customers. It did not take very long for other customers to come flocking to Uplink after hearing positive referrals.

“We aim to become the total solution for our clients”, said Wai Yan. Uplink is able to stand apart in the industry, as they are a one-stop station. On top of project management, offer a wide range of services, such as, turnkey project, design and build, interior fit-out, M & E services, and many more.

Wai Yan is optimistic about the future and plans to expand into other areas within the next five years. He plans to provide his services to the burgeoning hospitality industry in the city-state. Moreover, Uplink is looking into bringing in energy-saving products as well as introducing their own in-house products.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Wai Yan said that it is the ability to undertake risk-management. To be able to make it as an entrepreneur, one must also have the ability to multitask and oversee every detail within the company. In addition, an entrepreneur must also be a people-oriented person and act as the main source of motivation for the team.

Wai Yan was very forthcoming and revealed his own personal story. He mentioned that he takes inspiration from his father, who, not coincidentally, is also an entrepreneur. He said that he admires how his father could manage an F & B business, but yet have the ability to devote quality time to his family.

He said that his father gave him the inspiration to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Wai Yan also added that his father serves as his role model, because the senior Mr. Leong possesses a good attitude towards life and the ability to work smart.

Wai Yan said that he feels heartened whenever he received good feedback from customers. He added that this is the perfect indication of a company’s services. In addition, seeing his company grow from strength to strength is also something that beings delight to the Uplink team.

Never one to sit back and rest on his laurels, Wai Yan said that he would reassess the company’s work every nine months in order to gauge if the company has met its objectives.

Clearly, Uplink’s modus operandi shows a team that works together to provide the best one-stop solution for their customers. Moreover, the company’s self-reflexivity is something that allows them to gauge their performance over the year and see what to keep and improve on.

All in all, Uplink’s success is the culmination of hard work and careful planning. The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award marks yet another milestone for the company, and it is beyond a doubt that Uplink is in their most exciting time yet.

Contact Details:
47 Hill Street #06-06
T| 9688 2990
F| 6582 6156
E| waiyan.leong@uplink.com.sg

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