DEVO Design & Contracts Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Victoria Chew

“Our mantra is our belief in the values of respect and integrity”, mused co-founder of DEVO Design, Victoria Chew.

DEVO Design is an interior architectural firm that focuses on the commercial and corporate division. They specialize in sculpting bare spaces, design conceptualization right to inception for their clients.

They are a company founded on respect and integrity, and it is apparent in the company’s culture to the work they produce. The amiable and conversant Victoria said that the company believes in practicing respect an everyday level. Wherefore DEVO Design’s mantra is used on an everyday level, where all aspects of their interaction and work keep in line with their belief in respect and integrity. As such, the office has a very open culture, where colleagues can bond over a game of pool in the pantry area.

Their work culture is extremely diverse as they are a cultural melting pot made up of staff members of diverse nationalities. It is also because of this that DEVO Design is able to tap on each individual’s unique vantage point when working on a project.

DEVO Design is the brainchild of Victoria Chew, who is armed with experience of thirty years in the interior architecture industry.

Undoubtedly, this belief in respect is extended to clients. The team at DEVO Design demonstrates this by ensuring that they fully understand the project that they will be undertaking.

Holding themselves to a high level of professionalism, DEVO Design holds themselves responsible for everything that they do. The team prides themselves on delivering their promises, while constantly maintaining a high level of transparency and honesty between themselves and their clients.

Victoria said: “Besides respect, having integrity is equally paramount.” DEVO Design believes that being honest does more than build up the company’s trustworthiness, it helps foster closer human relationships.

“We are most certainly not a ‘fly by night’ company, because we have passion for the work”, added Victoria. The company also pledge themselves on being both aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time.

Clearly, DEVO Design is not a company chasing for success, rather they are just individuals with a passion and commitment looking to create architectural design work to the best of their potential.

Clients will require little convincing when they browse through DEVO Design’s portfolio. Completing big projects for the likes of apparel powerhouse H&M to hotel giants Sheraton.

In fact, clients usually praise the efficiency of DEVO Design, and the multi-award winning company is equally lauded for their professionalism and keen attention to detail. However, the team at DEVO Design is acutely aware that they need to continue to work hard in order to maintain this high standard of service.

One can hope to see DEVO Design on a larger scale in the future, as the company is looking into opening a regional office. In addition, Victoria also talked about expanding on their manpower in order to take on more projects.

Thinking of herself as an “accidental entrepreneur”, Victoria never thought about success or accolades. Rather, she said that the team at DEVO Design always aims to put their work above everything else.

This has been the primary reason for DEVO Design’s success, as they utilize the cultural diversity of the staff and set down an unmistakably working-class ethos of hard work. As such, their work always remains aesthetically pleasing, but pragmatic and feasible at the same time.

This has won the praise of many of their clients, and has also allowed DEVO Design to stand out in the industry. In addition, it is also the emphasis on team effort, while also bringing out the unique personality of individual that the company showcases their winning approach.

This award most definitely marks another milestone for DEVO Design, as it solidifies the company’s place within the fabric of the interior architectural industry.


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