Healthfit Massage Therapy LLP

Healthfit Massage Therapy LLP


HealthfitName of Recipient:
Ms. Karen Wang

Living in a highly cosmopolitan society like Singapore, it is common that people suffer from aches and sores from long hours at work. If left untreated, these pains will start to affect one’s state of mind and general wellness. Fortunately, this is where Healthfit Massage Therapy comes into the picture.

Established in 2008 and nestled in a humble and homely shop space in Fortune Centre, Healthfit Massage Therapy is a health salon that offers body/foot massages, and cupping services.

Founder Karen Wang shed light on how she got started and mentioned that it was a “coincidence” that she eventually led to her picking up massaging as a passion. She said: “I came over to Singapore to find work, I managed to stumble onto this trade, and due to interest, I came from not knowing anything (about massage) to being able to perform all different types of massage.”

Karen added that her entrepreneurial journey is on that is filled with hard work and rocky patches. “At the beginning, it was a one-man show, I didn’t have any employees, whatsoever”, added Karen.

Faced with so many difficulties, Karen refused to give up; instead, she worked even harder. She read widely and worked many hours to practice her techniques to perfection. Karen said that Singaporeans are very knowledgeable about the area of massage as many people go for regular massage sessions. Thus, she would have to ensure that she maintains a high standard with regards to her massaging techniques.

Moreover, Karen also pays close attention to customer service, and maintains that her business is able to thrive because everyone at the shop are people-oriented. She says that she remembers her customers by name and that one can expect a friendly atmosphere at Healthfit Massage Therapy.

When asked about her proudest achievements, Karen stated that she feels heartened to see loyal customers returning to her shop week after week. She went on to add that she has many international customers who will frequent her shop whenever they are in town for holidays or stopovers.

Karen went at length to help explain the origins of the company’s name. She said that the name “Healthfit” originated because of her hope to see customers become healthy and fit in both mind and body.

Always a positive person who would be constructive in life, Karen said that the most precious lessons that she had learnt from owning a business is her opportunity to learn a life skill, and also the ability to make lasting relationships with the people she meets.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Karen said that one must always be prepared for a rocky patch in business. She highlighted that an aspiring entrepreneur must always have a firm grasp and knowledge in the area he/she wants to go into.

In addition, she said that an entrepreneur must know how to lead. Going into details on this point, Karen said that not only must an entrepreneur have skills and knowledge in the work; he/she must also be a source of motivation to the staff.

To Karen, Healthfit is only possible with the help of her loving husband, who not only provides a source of comfort for Karen, but also helps out by facilitating the logistics and administrative aspect of Healthfit.

All in all, Healthfit’s success marks the achievements of an independent and resilient lady who is willing to work hard and take risks. Karen’s entrepreneurial journey is the epitome of the self-made man and will continue to inspire a new generation of people to continue to follow their dreams.

The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is presented to Healthfit as their story of hard work, passion, and determination is something that highlights Karen’s ability to live out her dream when she puts her mind and spirit into her passion for the industry.

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No 190, Middle Road #02-04, Fortune Centre
T| 6339 1337

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