D’Trans Pte Ltd

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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Daniel Chen

Established in 1997, D’Trans Pte Ltd provides cost-efficient logistics services for any company’s logistics needs. These services include domestic and international courier services, mail room services, as well as distribution services. Additionally, they also provide storage space for those utilizing their logistics services. Over the years, D’Trans has amassed a stable client base, which includes both individuals and companies, who has come to trust D’Trans for their reliable and professional services.

Founder and current Business Development Director Mr. Daniel Chen, shares with us his entrepreneurial journey. “Previously, I was working for others, but I had other dreams. I wanted to be a boss since I was young. And when I knew of the logistics industry, I recognized its importance and potential in the Singaporean market; there will always be a demand for these services.” Motivated, Daniel decided to establish his own company in this industry, initially naming it DA-JO Delivery Services, with the D’Trans name change coming about in 2005, when the company was incorporated as a private limited.

With the company at its infancy, Daniel knew that it was going to be a tough road ahead for him and the company. “I wanted to do it as a small business first. Starting from zero, it was always bound to be harder. With little budget, it was harder to expand as well. Furthermore, when we first started, the 1997 financial crisis happened, then the SARs crisis, then the Lehmann Brothers incident. All these obstacles do make operating a business that much harder.”

To counter these challenges, Daniel sought to keep up with the latest in technology and industry advancements. “You just have to learn as you go along. Go along with the trends, if they can benefit you. Even if there is a threat, you have to look at it as a way to innovate and improve. Now, with the Internet, what the customers want now is much different compared to 1997, so it is up to us to adapt and accommodate these differences and changes.”

With his proactive actions guiding the company forward, D’Trans have been steadily moving up the ranks in the logistics industry. “We are ISO and GST registered, and we have also received recognition for the work we have done. Our distribution service for retail companies have also established us as not just a courier or delivery company, but something more and unique from our competitors.”

Now with 17 years of entrepreneurial experience, Daniel looks back on his journey, and reflected on what he has learnt over the years. “An entrepreneur must never stop learning. They need to have the heart to learn new things, to keep up with the latest going-ons. If not, there is the chance that others will leave them behind.” In addition, Daniel believes that sincerity and service attitude is of utmost importance in his line. “Our job is to solve our customer’s problems, and fulfill their logistics needs. Therefore, we have to be the very best in our service. There’s no secret to this except to have passion, hard work, and perseverance. The thing is, if you are not serious in your work, people will know whether you are professional or not.”

Looking ahead to the future, D’Trans have no plans to slow down their current progress. “Our plan is to keep on moving ahead with technology implementation. It can range from things like assigning jobs to our delivery personnel, or letting our customers go to our system and make bookings directly from there. This will definitely increase productivity down the line, and with our value-added services, hopefully this will mean even greater success ahead.”

With their drive to always keep abreast with the latest trends and technologies, and under the leadership of Daniel, whose passion and motivation is unrivalled, there is little doubt that D’Trans will continue to achieve great success and prestige in their industry.

Contact Details:
52 Ubi Avenue 3
#01-26 The Frontier
T| 6841 6266
F| 6841 7277
E| daniel@dtrans.com.sg
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