HSX Credit

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jeremy Lye

Established in 2011, HSX Credit is a company that specializes in unsecured personal loans for customers.

Founder Jeremy Lye said that he wanted to become a business owner because he is interested to find out if he has what it takes to “make it”. He even gave up a comfortable and cushy life in the civil sector in order to pursue his dream of becoming his own boss.

Jeremy said: “It is very important to try to start your own business when you are young, even if you fail, you can still start over again.” To Jeremy, the most important thing in life is the ability of the individual to try to be better with every passing day. Taking up the task of being an entrepreneur is one of the ways in which an individual can progress and improve as a human being.

However, as usual, the journey of entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing. For instance, Jeremy mentioned that he meets all kinds of customers in his line. He elaborated that the licensed moneylender must abide by strict rules and regulations set down by the authority. As such, bad debts may be left uncollected at the end of the day, and the company will have to bear the losses.

Another hurdle to overcome for HSX Credit is the issue with brand awareness. Many potential clients may choose to bypass a new company as they are still relatively unproven due to them being newcomers. Despite this obvious difficulty, Jeremy said that the HSX team worked hard in order to prove to customers that the company is reliable and efficient in their services.

HSX Credit hopes to set down a new standard in the licensed moneylending industry through their friendly and personalized treatment of customers. Jeremy insists that success in this industry requires gentleness and patience. He firmly maintained, “No shouting or yelling.” This effectively smashed the usual stigma associated with the industry, as people may be prone to think of those within the industry to be unsavory.

Excited about the future, Jeremy said that he hopes to convert his company from a sole-proprietor company into a private limited. In addition, the company is also hoping to situate themselves in a more accessible area, at the convenience of their customers.

HSX Credit can be proud of the fact that they have been able to survive in this trade for a few years, when many had already ceased operations due to a lack of customers. Jeremy went on to say that he is extremely proud that customers give mainly positive reviews of the services offered. He always feels heartened when new customers make their way to HSX Credit due to referrals.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Jeremy said: “An entrepreneur has a lot of things to do, and a lot of risks to take.” Jeremy went on to highlight that one must come out of the comfort zone in order to become better.

Being a risk taker is the main challenge faced by any entrepreneur, despite that, Jeremy insists that it is the excitement of the journey that keeps him going. He says that being an entrepreneur is a constant challenge, as one must be prepared to face difficulties at any turn. However, it is the ability to overcome these adversities that makes the journey worthwhile.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Jeremy said that one must always keep up with the times and network with people. While these are important, to Jeremy, the most vital aspect of being a businessperson is the determination to constantly work hard.

Jeremy firmly advocates that youngsters venture out and pursue their dreams. Jeremy says that this is the best way to create one’s own fortune and engineered one’s own success story.

Clearly, HSX Credit’s journey to success can help set a blueprint for any determined and self-willed individual to follow.

Contact Details:
5001 Beach Road
#03-35 Golden Mile S(199588)
T| 6295 5274
E| wwlye@hotmail.com

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