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Ms. Jaya
Mr. Ravi

All year round, there are countless events that will be organized. From birthday parties to weddings and other social gatherings, people often arrive at the event venue in their own vehicles, and as they would know, finding a parking space can be a hassle. In recent years, valet services have been becoming more popular, with them most frequently sighted at restaurants and hotels.

One company, Aacquire Valet Services, have been in the valet industry for over 10 years. Situated in prominent locations such as St. Regis, Majestic Hotel, Nicholas Le Restaurant, the company also provides services such as personal drivers, traffic marshals and ushers, car park management, and more. With their mission to establish sustainable, reciprocal, and continuing relationships with their clients, Aacquire Valet Services have built up a strong network of client companies in various industries.

Mr. Ravi, one of the founding directors, was previously working in the valet industry. “Previously, I was working part time in this sector, and one day, I just decided to come out and start a valet company on my own.” With his wife Ms. Jaya, the couple established Aacquire Valet Service, with the name symbolizing the constant growth they hope to achieve from then on out.

However, as with all newly established companies, various challenges began to present itself. Ravi said, “Our main challenge till today is the manpower issue. As our trade is blooming, the industry has become quite competitive. It has become harder to retain our employees, and we have had to set our pricing at a cheaper price.” He then further added, “In the beginning there were also cash flow problems as well, due to delays in our client’s payment, but we tried our best to work around it as possible.”

To overcome these challenges, but at the same time retaining their own market value, Ravi and Jaya decided to never tender for jobs below the market rate. They also strived to pay their employees well, so that there’s less temptation to quit. Thus, as the years passed, their business began to grow as well.

Today, Aacquire has become a well-known name in the local valet industry. In recent years, the services their employees provide have expanded as well. Ravi said, “The way we operate has changed a lot. We have introduced a lot of value-added services. Now, besides our valet services, our employees also double up as front-of-house, and/or as doormen and concierge, essentially the first people car owners see when they pull up to a venue.”

With ten years of experience under their belts, both Ravi and Jaya know well the elements needed to achieve the success they enjoy today. Jaya said, “One of the most important things are how we serve our clients.” Agreeing with this statement, Ravi further added, “Besides service attitude, planning and communications are very important skills as well.”

“An aspiring entrepreneur should also be hardworking,” Ravi said, “and be willing to take certain levels of risks. In this case, they also need to be open-minded as well, and have the willingness to try out new things. But should there exist the possibility of failure, an entrepreneur should not be afraid of it, but forge ahead and see where the risks takes them”

Spurred on by their recent success, Ravi and Jaya have already laid out plans for the future. Jaya said, “There are many ways to expand. We will definitely try to get more valuable contracts in more hotels and shopping centres.” With their professionalism and hard work, there is little doubt that Ravi and Jaya will lead Aacquire Valet Services to an even brighter future ahead.

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PO Box 428 S(915215)
T| 6528 1759
HP| 9850 8895‎
E| info@aacquirevalet.com

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