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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Grace Tay

People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps. Good manpower is arduous to find. Amhurst Gordon International is a company, which scouts for fine talents to fit snugly into any required industries. Amhurst Gordon International also comprises of Agiley, an executive branch which consists of consultants strewn all over the world, looking for executives to fill up positions such as Chief Executive Officers, and Directors.

At fore of all its operations is Miss Grace Tay, founder of Amhurst Gordon International. Miss Tay came into power when she decided to buy over Amhurst Gordon International in 2005, when its prior business partners decided to part due to an ongoing crisis. An astute decision, as Miss Tay puts it: “This industry is like red wine, the older it gets, the better business becomes. I saw the opportunity as Amhurst Gordon International already had a large clientele base.” Miss Tay continued: “This trade requires a large network, the longer the company stands, the network grows. The same goes for the clients’ standards.”

Aforementioned, first-rate manpower is demanding to scout for. Recruiting the right people is tough, as they must possess the correct skills and motivation. This causes a hitch for Amhurst Gordon International, when the company deals mainly in the aspect of manpower. Despite so, Miss Tay; a resilient entrepreneur, chose not to back down in the face of adversity. “We just have to do it and diversify. We also provide training and nurturing of these corporate cultures, so our manpower could adapt to it.” Miss Tay indicated how she overcame these setbacks.

Many clients had benefited from Amhurst Gordon International’s efficaciousness over the years. One instance was when an Indonesian company was winding up, due to its bad reputation and lack of manpower. Miss Tay, a fervent entrepreneur, headed to Indonesia 7 times in that very single year to restore the company. “Once, a client wanted to replace 4 expatriates in the company.” Miss Tay reminisced. “However, they did not have an ultimate goal. Eventually, we managed to understand these 4 expatriates, and their job scope, to find a suitable vocation for them.”

Amhurst Gordon International believes in viva voce, also known as word of mouth marketing. The company never spent a single dollar in the marketing aspect of the company. “Our business deals comes from the word of mouth, they come from recommendations from our past clients who have used our services before. This is more powerful that marketing as they understand our quality service and trust our service.” Miss Tay explicated why she opted not to spend on marketing. What makes Amhurst Gordon International special is its unflinching tendency, the ability to take up seemingly impossible tasks. “We do not walk away or reject difficult projects. Most competitors do not travel much for business. In other words, they only deal locally. We travel to different countries to get the job done successfully.” Miss Tay added: “We are looked as a company which deals internationally, and not just locally.”

Miss Tay also mentioned some of her pride and joy derived from Amhurst Gordon International: “Our consultants. The way we grown and develop them. All our staffs learned the important skills of this trade, and worked at least 6 to 7 years. This shows their commitment to the company. Some of them even started their own firm, after learning the skills here.” Miss Tay went on to assert: “I believe they have learned what is important and useful for them, even when they leave, they bring these knowledge and skills with them.”

“It’s like running a marathon, you have to survive it.” Miss Tay shared how she felt about entrepreneurship. “There are good and bad, but end of the day, you must come out stronger.” Miss Tay then disclosed her motivation and inspiration, which had helped her, attained so much in her entrepreneurship: “Passion. Also the right people and company is important too.” Miss Tay continued: “You have to be resilient, to be able to go through ups and downs. Believe in yourself, even when others don’t. Other than being self-motivated, you must be able to motivate others.”

Miss Tay then advocated young people yearning to start their own business: “Believe in yourself, prepare for the best and the worst. Even if you fail, you must be able to come back up.” Miss Tay then shared some of Amhurst Gordon International’s expansion plans: “Yes, we have plans for expansions. We would like to groom more success in-house. Grooming more partners and next generation consultants.” Without doubt, many shall welcome Miss Tay’s altruistic intentions.

Amhurst Gordon International embodies the prowess of a supreme leader, Miss Tay. The future for Amhurst Gordon International is scintillating as it tackles more onerous tasks up ahead.

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#03-02 Far East Square
T| 6327 5010
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