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Mr. Derek Tay

Lex Travel is a travel agency that specialized in inbound and destination marketing in Singapore. What that means is that Lex Travel provides inbound tourist with fresh and exciting itineraries to explore the beauties of Singapore. In addition, they are also in charge of the transportation of these tourists during their stay in the city-state.

The founder of Lex Travel, Derek Tay, talked about the reasons behind him going into the travel industry. He mentioned that he has always dreamt of “selling Singapore’s beauty to people”. A true patriot, Derek highlighted that Singapore is a dream destination for travellers, as the country is diverse and multi-faceted. For instance, Singapore provides a wide array of eating choices for the travel foodie, cultural tourism is also possible with various heritage sites, such as Little India and Geylang Serai. Those searching for eco-tourism can also look for escapades in Pulau Ubin. Lastly, travellers will be spoilt for choices while shopping at Orchard Road.

Evidently, Singapore has grown from strength to strength and is now a top traveller’s destination.

Derek talked about the difficulties he had when he first started his foray into the industry. He mentioned that there was a lack of hotel accommodation in Singapore during the early 2000s. In addition, Singapore, at the time, was still in the process of advancement, as such, itinerary was rather constricted.

As with any other new company, brand awareness was low. Nevertheless, the team at Lex Travel worked hard in order to build up solid brand awareness.

Derek said that he saw Singapore’s recent development as a great opportunity to tap into the tourism market. He said, “From 2001 to current day, the tourism industry has multiplied about three folds.” Elaborating on this point, Derek said that the tourist boom is a blessing as he is able to expand on his services.

Derek is extremely proud of the fact that Lex Travel has grown a lot over the past few years. For instance, they have grown from owning two buses to maintain a fleet of a dozen buses, all at least a 45-seater.

Derek said that a businessman must always be honest. He mentioned that the dishonest businessman might be able to make easy cash at the beginning; however, they will not be able to maintain relationships with customers over a long duration.

The new infrastructure in the city-state has also helped the tourism boom in recent years. Derek mentioned that many places are now more accessible due to the different routes and train lines built over the past few years.

Lex Travel is an acronym for “Leisure Express”. The name originated from Derek’s belief that the inbound travel industry requires express and quick services. Derek went on to explain that an inbound travel industry requires a lot of manpower and the challenge that they face on a daily basis is to be quick and efficient at the same time.

Further explaining on the vision of Lex Travel, Derek said that his motto is for the company to embody the corporate values of trust and fairness. The team at Lex Travel firmly stands behind the value of trust and fairness, as they believe that when they are fair to their clients, it will then be a natural progression for the customers to trust in them.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Derek said that an entrepreneur is a person who is committed to his/her work. Elaborating further on this point, he said that the successful entrepreneur is never in it just for the money, however, he/she is in it because of passion for the business.

Derek said that his daily source of inspiration is the love for Singapore. He mentioned that he is extremely proud of the fact that the country has managed to become a major player in the world’s economy, a far cry to our roots as a humble fishing village.

To Derek, the most important quality to take away from his journey in entrepreneurship is the importance to overcome any challenges. He said: “A successful entrepreneur must be ready to take any challenges.”

Ultimately, the success of Lex Travel is most definitely well earned, as years of professionalism and hard work has paid off. Lex Travel has most definitely earned a special space in Singapore’s burgeoning travel industry.

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