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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Steven Tay
Ms. Katharine Yip

One would be captivated by Briton Antony Gormley’s spectacular art installation; Drift, situated in the atrium of Hotel Tower 1 of Marina Bay Sands; a world renowned integrated resort located in Singapore. Comprising of more than 16,000 steel rods, forming a three-dimensional form, Drift spans more than 40 meters long, 23 meters high, and 15 meters wide. Drift is suspended in the air between levels 5 and 12, and weighs in at nearly 15 tons.

It doesn’t take one to have a keen eye in arts to fathom the fact that such a resplendent form of steel art could only be fabricated by the best in the industry. We are talking about a company, which is so superlative that manufacturing a massive steel structure seems to be child’s play to them. The company is none other than AME International. AME International’s honorable leader Mr Steven Toy ruminated: “It’s not our norm to design sculptures, but the famed English artist, Mr Gormley, found us and approached us to do it. We took the challenge and it’s successfully completed on time.” This came as a shock; it’s astonishing to know that Drift isn’t created under the hands of adept sculptors. “AME International is a company which expertise is in the manufacturing of steel products; mainly for oil, gas and wafer industries.” Mr Toy made a revelation.

AME International; abbreviated for “Automated Machinery Equipment”, something the company do best, initiated in 1996, when Mr Toy decided to embark on his own entrepreneurship after garnering much needed experience from his ex-workplace for more than 8 years. “Through this 8 years, I have gathered much experience and many customers support me on my decision to start my own business. The steel engineering industry is what I know and feel confident about, and to be able to start something that is familiar, is a blessing.” Mr Toy disclosed. Despite Mr Toy’s prolific experience, it’s inevitable for AME International to stumble across some hitches in its commencement. “Every company have challenges, so do AME International. When we first started, we were faced with problems such as the lack of certifications, and as we only have 2 employees at the time, we do not have much experience in overall. It was quite tough, as we do not have much cash flow, and could not undertake certain sizable projects. There are times which I wanted to give up.” Mr Toy made intelligible.

Despite how arduous starting a business is, Mr Toy persevered through all the adversities. “We started serving the semi-con industry, but it was rather unstable as the number of orders are always fluctuating. It could be high for one month, and ground low the next month. We then diversified into the oil and gas industry, which then we grew from there.” Mr Toy explicated how AME International managed to get over its hitches. “We believe in the philosophy of sincerity. We value our customers like partners and provide the best service we can.” Mr Toy revealed how AME International managed to proliferate from the pack. “We develop a long term relationship with most customers. All our customers are not just an one-time business.” Without doubt, a business with great relations is one that will flourish.

“From a 2 men company, we grew to more than a hundred now.” Mr Toy reflected upon how AME International thrived through the years. “We started off with a rented small office space which is about 1000 square feet. Today, we own a 60,000 square feet plant and we have 2 more factories too.” Mr Toy then illustrated his definition of entrepreneurship: “Initially, I started this company, wanting to make more money. Now, money to me is secondary. As the company grew, I gained passion, commitment and responsibility to the company. I could have retired now, but that way, nobody is going to be responsible for the company.” an astute Mr Toy commented.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Through the last 15 years of hardship running AME International, Mr Toy’s spouse, Mrs Toy, has been Mr Toy’s pillar of support; complimenting him in running AME International. “All these years, she has been working hard, taking care of all our company’s accounts. Not just the company, she would also tend to our family, our children as well.” Mr Toy lauded.

“Self-discipline is very important.” said Mr Toy assertively upon the secret to being a successful entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurs without self-discipline would find their businesses going off track, into failure. How a business runs depicts the behavior of the leader itself. A successful entrepreneur also must have perseverance, the ability not to give in no matter how tough it is.” Mr Toy said discerningly. “These two qualities are very important and many people did not make it as they lack these qualities in my opinion.”

Mr Toy then espoused your entrepreneurs to be intrepid and start out their own business: “Do what you are familiar with, what you know or what you like. Gather sufficient experience, and go ahead and try.” Mr Toy then shed some light on AME International’s future plans: “We are acquiring a plant in Malaysia, and it will start operating end of this year.” Mr Toy shared the good news. “I see great potential in AME, and we are expanding continuously. We are also looking into precision machinery, and hopefully we are able to be publicly listed in the next 5 years.”

With so many substantial plans laid out for AME International, the company shall ascend to greater heights and prosper in multitudes.

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