Alquest Marketing

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jimmy Goh

Ever notice how your senses heightened when you are in a challenging situation? You are experiencing an adrenaline rush that gives you extra energy. If you see every day as a challenge, you would be surprised how efficient you can become, and how much can be accomplished.

To Mr Jimmy Goh, entrepreneurship is a proving ground for him to challenge himself to his limits. “I know it’s going to be challenging starting a business, but it didn’t stop me.” Mr Goh explicated. With this perception in mind, mr Goh went ahead to commence Alquest Marketing, short for “All Quest”; depicting the tendency the company has to solve every problem clients faced. Alquest Marketing is a company adroit in the proffering of marine equipments, such as workboats and high-speed crafts. The company also deals in oil and gas, along with governmental fleets. The comprehensive range of products offered by Alquest Marketing would satiate any of your marine equipment needs.

In 1997, Mr Goh embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by initiating Alquest International. “I have been in this industry at a young age.” Mr Goh indicated. With nearly a score of years of vast experience, it was an cinch for Mr Goh to commence Alquest International. “I started Alquest Marketing due to my passion and interest as well. I wanted to do something I would never get bored of.” Mr Goh added. Mr Goh proceeded to carve out success using his bare hands over the years. “It was tough, as Alquest Marketing was an one man show at its start, with limited resources. We didn’t even have our own office.” Mr Goh laughed.

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis was an economic fiasco that shook the entrepreneurial world hard, especially to businesses around the Asia region. Many businesses were wiped out by this major turmoil. Alquest Marketing was no different. “It was really a despairing time. Many friends discourage me to continue running the business as many were not doing well that time.” Mr Goh mused over. Nevertheless, Mr Goh did not possess a pessimistic thought at that time. There are many stories of people prospering from a financial crisis, and Mr Goh was one of them. “I believed that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. As many winded up their businesses, the demands from the ‘survivors’ became more intense. Customers are sometimes demanding as we are small.” Mr Goh continued.

“Many friends commented that I am like a snake, with the ability to find a way out of problems.” Like a talented snake, Mr Goh went to all boundaries in order to pull through this predicament. “I picked up the ‘small crumbs’, which many other businesses were not willing or interested to deal with. We try out best to provide what our clients demanded, and we actually borrowed an office space from one of my friends. It was really rudimentary and just consisted of a table and a small storage space.” Mr Goh detailed. “I kept telling my that I must be prudent and keep my operating costs at the minimum.” Mr Goh’s abstemious regime lasted for a biennium as the financial crisis alleviated.

One would be surprised when they came to know that Mr Goh do not just sell the goods. Mr Goh would also deliver and install the parts personally for the clients. This helps clients believe in his services as what Mr Goh offered was a “full-service package”; without the clients asking. “I believe good customer service and relationship is vital to success.” said Mr Goh. Mr Goh’s customer centered services was certainly welcomed by clients. In return, Alquest Marketing was able to earn many merits from customers. Customers also appreciated the fact that Mr Goh was an all-rounder, doing everything on his own. “I would also personally overlook every dealing the company made. We do not just sell our products, but we provide all the ‘know-hows’ to our clients as well.” Mr Goh listed why Alquest Marketing is able to distinguish itself from the pack. “We are also able to keep our prices competitive by lowering our operational costs.”

As the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis faded to the books of history, the floodgates opened for Alquest Marketing. Mr Goh was able to clinch a multitude of deals with renowned conglomerates in the world, earning much recognition for the company. “I am proud that these business partners believed in us are and willing to choose us. This shows that they believed in us due to our services and relationships.” Mr Goh commented. All these success would not come to realization without Mr Goh’s persistence to hard work, determination and perseverance. “I believe these 3 elements contributes to being an entrepreneur.” Mr Goh added.

Behind every successful man is a woman. Mr Goh’s wife has been rooting for him since day 1 of his entrepreneurial journey. “I am very blessed to have a wife who have believed in me and giving me the strength to attain success.” Mr Goh then begun dictating the qualities needed to be successful in business. “A successful entrepreneur must be able to win the trust of his clients. He must possess honesty as well, and take responsibility of every task, maintaining this consistency.” Mr Goh paused. “Most importantly, without a will, it will not happen!”

Mr Goh’s face beamed with enthusiasm when asked if there are any expansion plans for Alquest Marketing in the pipelines. “Well, expansion is always good, but we will do it only gradually.” Mr Goh expounded: “We will maintain our business in the most economical manner. So that, our clients can still enjoy our good services without having to fork out more money.” Mr Goh mentioning about Alquest Marketing’s customer centered beliefs.

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials. Mr Goh is a man who proliferated in the face of a challenge. Mr Goh’s indomitable spirit is something, which all entrepreneurs could derive from. With Mr Goh at fore, it is a certainty that Alquest Marketing’s success would ascend to greater heights.

Contact Details:
66 Tannery Lane #02-06B
Sindo Building S(347805)
T| 6749 9359
F| 6749 9360

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