Name of Recipient:
Ms. Veronica Ong

At Revelation 22, the reason behind doing business is not just making money. It is about giving hope to and serving people suffering from life-challenging health problems, with solutions that use natural resources.

Revelation 22, The River of Life, was founded by Ms. Veronica Ong, a nurse manager turned entrepreneur. She started her business at the Adelphi, in a small 314 sq. ft. unit and in three short months she expanded her business to a 1400 sq. ft. therapy center at Chinatown, thanks an overwhelming demand.

Veronica was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in the year 2000 and then Grave’s disease in 2004. Her doctor suggested radioactive iodine / destroy part of the thyroid gland, surgery/removal of thyroid gland or lifelong medication. She chose lifelong medication, however, continued to search for alternatives. Veronica believed that all of us are created with a strong immune system that is able to defend us from air-borne and chronic degenerative diseases. She was totally determined to find a permanent solution to her medical problems. She tried many natural therapies such as food, alkaline water, negative ion mat, organic food, exercise machines and far infrared machines albeit with minimal improvement. It was only in May 2010 when she met Dr Loh Kah Meng, PhD, a biomedical engineer, scientist and inventor of a range of Quantum Nano Therapy turned out to be the solution to her decade-long health problem.

What is Quantum Nano Therapy?

Simple put, Quantum Nano Therapy (QNT) helps boost our immune system simply by improving the quality of blood. QNT uses high quality organic materials to emit strong efficacy far infrared and high density negative ions. Veronica invested in the whole range of QNT products and started her business in june 2010. Within 9 months she not only completely recovered from Grave’s disease but also successfully helped many people who were chronically sick.

QNT Success stories

Veronica loves to share many success stories with QNT. The most interesting one is that of an elderly lady suffering from Prkinson’s disease for 11 years. She was bedridden for the past 2 years. She was very weak and could barely eat blended diet. After 3 months of using QNT, she was able to sleep better, eat soft food and showed signs of alertness. Within 9 months, she put on 14kg, slept very well at night, had regular bowels and started chewing food like any other person. Her neurologist confirmed that her flexibility improved by 80%. Today no tremor is noticed in her body and she is able to express emotions and speak audible words to the delight of her beloved husband.

One of Veronica’s clients is a bright 15 years old boy from the Raffle’s institution. He was diagnosed with autonomic nervous system breakdown, a symptom rarely seen anywhere in the world, after a viral fever in December 2010.he was unable to perspire in heat and his pupils were perpetually dilated with no response to bright light. The hospital was unable to treat him and he was discharged with an advice not to allow him to run for the fear of heat exhaustion. His father chanced upon Veronica when she was conducting a health talk. After three months of therapy at Revelation 22, he is now able to perspire naturally when he everises and his eyes have begun to respond well to bright light. Naturally his doctors are highly impressed.

Veronica often says, “We take pride in delivering results simply by improving the quality of your blood stream, boosting your immune system, balancing your hormones and regenerating your organs naturally.”

Her Entrepreneurial  Journey

The entrepreneurial journey of Veronica has not been short of challenges. However, she learnt the art of delegation and leveraging early on. She knows how to surround herself with experts who are good at their work. In her first month of business, she employed two therapy assistants to oversee daily operations. She smartly outsourced business services such as bookkeeping services keeping her costs under control. During the period of expansion from Adelphi to Chinatown, she was able to raise funds by motivating a client, who benefited from the therapy, to invest in her promising business. After 9 months into the business, she founded another company to take care of branding, sales and marketing. She has engaged an external business consultant to take her business to a higher level. Currently she is also engaging a foreign business consultant to look into the indian subcontinent market.

Veronica passionately says, “In business, it is about serving people above self. We should focus not just on making money; instead we should focus on helping and caring for others. People don’t care how well we do in business but they do care how enough about people, the business will naturally prosper.” She also lamented, “I observe that nowadays young people are impatient and they go for quick money. Doing business needs perseverance and optimism. From time-to-time, we should always look back and focus on our belief as to why we started the business.” Veronica also highlighted the qualities an entrepreneur should imbibe in order to succeed. “do the business with integrity and ethics. Do not short change the clients, suppliers, associates or manufacturers.”

Veronica is excited to elucidate on her business expansion plan, “I foresee more and more people benefiting from this Quantum Nano Therapy. My business consultant is working on a franchise system. Presently, there are five prospects that are keen to invest in our select geographic locations in Singapore. We foresee another fifty franchisees in Singapore within the next five years.” She went on to add: “Revelation 22, The River of Life, is a brand that aims to be for the ultimate destination for anyone who looks for physical, emotional or spiritual help.”

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189 New Bridge Road #04-01 S(059422)
T| 6535 4677


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