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Ms. Connie Lim

Children are the keys of paradise. To be able to interact and appreciate the children’s innocence first hand is without doubt blissful. Agape Little Uni’s conception is spurred on by the laughter and joy which emanates from the little angels of life; children. Initiated in 1995, by both Mr Chris Lim and Mrs Connie Lim. Agape; signifying unconditional love in Greek, is a childcare center, which proffers childcare services, alongside enrichment camps to the hordes of children island wide.

Mrs Lim described how the notion of initiating Agape struck upon her: “I never really decided to become an entrepreneur, it just started naturally as we like children.” Mr Lim rejoined: “One day, I asked my wife: ‘What would like to do?’ She replied: ‘Look after children.’” Mr Lim shared the reminiscent moment. Adding on to their fervent love of children, was the reason that Mr and Mrs Lim wanted to build characters of the children and set a positive influence on them for the years to come. “We did not consider other industries despite being more lucrative. As we do understand, we do not have the passion for it.” Mr Lim disclosed.

Hand in hand, the duo started going through courses to learn the ropes of managing a childcare. As soon as Agape Little Uni was established, students and children started thronging in. Mr and Mrs Lim had no choice but to expand more centers, one after another. Despite its eminent success through its operations, Agape had its fair share of problems. Starting with only 10 employees, the leaders realized good employees are hard to come by. “We thought we were ready to operate a childcare centre after going through the courses.” Mrs Lim said. “It was not easy to find good staff, and we have to be frugal, cutting costs.”

Things alleviated when the pair hired an experienced principal to lend a helping hand. “We have to do the works ourselves, mopping, painting and maintenance.” Mr Lim explicated. “Over the years, we learnt to manage staffs through courses and experience. We also gone through courses offered by the government to continuously upgrade ourselves.” Mrs Lim added upon how Agape managed to resolve the problems at hand. What makes Agape distinct from the pack is the term “Love.” As Mr Lim puts it: “Most childcare centers in Singapore teachers their children the curriculum subjects in a normal way, such as teaching just Maths, English and Chinese; subjects which are taught in school.” Mr Lim continued: “We focus on ‘Love’ as well, not just the normal curriculum. We also educate them on the aspects of their behavior, characters, just like our own children.”, one can fathom how dedicated Agape Little Uni as it hones the future of the children.

“We are proud to stay together for more than 15 years. It’s not very easy, and we have gone through much thick and thin. This is actually an achievement for me.” Mr Lim shared his sentiments on the achievements of Agape Little Uni. Mrs Lim then defined what entrepreneurship meant to her: “It’s the willingness to accept success and failure. It is also a test of your abilities on how you manage hardship and perseverance.” Mr Lim also replied: “You also learn how to take risks at the right time, it can also be the process where you dump your entire life savings into your business and see how it can evolve into.”

Being devotees of Christianity, the couple believes the success they have today is the contribution of Jesus. “To us, Jesus is our constant motivation and inspiration. I believe the fact that we lasted for these 15 years, the credit goes to God, Jesus.” Mr Lim explained. “I don’t think we can make it this far without God’s blessings.” Mrs Lim concurred. “Personally, I think that a good entrepreneur make possess the ability to improve, from good to great.” Mr Lim expressed the pertinence of amelioration in an entrepreneurship. “You must also have the ability to build something that can last and to become an legacy.” Mrs Lim added on. “Develop your passion.”, these are the words which the leaders gave to budding entrepreneurs wanting to initiate their own business. Without doubt, passion is integral to success in an entrepreneurship.

With more than 140 employees, distributed across 8 outlets, Agape Little Uni had metamorphosed multifold throughout the years. Despite how arduous it is, Mr and Mrs Lim still remained jubilant, witnessing the characters they moulded over the decades. They were more jubilant to divulge the company’s expansion plans: “Our desire is to build a legacy. We will grow but we also yearn for quality growth. We do not want to expand out of what we can handle as problems might arise.” Mrs Lim said astutely. “If opportunity comes our way, allowing us to expand overseas, we may proceed.” Mr Lim also shared.

What Agape Little Uni is not just a run-of-the-mill childcare center. It is a haven, which facilitates the sculpting of future characters. It is not an entrepreneurship, but a lifestyle. Agape Little Uni is truly in its own a right, an entrepreneurship marvel, which shall continue to proliferate over the years.

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