Ace Instrumentation Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Adam Malik Sadri
Ms. Azizah Sita

“Passion for the job, doing it right the first time on time. And be really sure of what you are doing based on calculated risk and market feasibility study in the area of your industry.” These are the principles behind Mr Adam Malik Sadri success in his business today. The very man who founded ACE Instrumentation; Mr Adam, aspiring to give his family a better standard of living, after being spurred on by them, Mr Sadri decided to get away from his comfort zone and set about his own entrepreneurship for greener pastures.”

ACE Instrumentation is a promising company under the leadership of Mr Adam Malik Sadri, owner of the company. ACE Instrumentation is renowned as one of the pioneer marine, offshore, oil and gas automation company in Singapore.

Situated at Golden Wheel Industrial Building in 3500 square feet office and workshop with a fully equipped workshop, which carries full range of testing equipments together with classification requirements. With initial staff strength of just three employees, today ACE Instrumentation now has 30 employees and is recognized as a specialist in marine repairs and supplies.

ACE is now enjoying fruit of success for its commitment; dedication and expertise in May 2011 the financial strong and reputable company achieved the ISO 9001-2008 Standard Certification by ABS Quality Evaluations, INC and is the platinum recipient of the Successful Entrepreneur 2010 Award.

Mr Adam was working in the marine industry for 15 years. Over the years, Mr Adam had much experience ensued from the exposure to the inner workings of the industry; gaining an eminent reputation for himself. Prior to his entrepreneurial advancement, he was working under a company when a major reshuffling occurred. Under much duress from these external factors, Mr Adam had the notion of starting out his own company. ACE, which means “Automation & Controls Experts”.

In 2006, ACE Instrumentation finally went into operations. Possessing an outstanding reputation means that Mr Adam had a huge clientele base, and the company commenced with a great start. He was also able to get first-rate access to supplies as well. “It is without doubt a perk to have when starting a business.” Mr Adam reminisced nostalgically. The breakthrough finally came after engaging in a major project that lasted for a biennium with an established marine company. It was a make or break moment for ACE Instrumentation. Fortunately, ACE Instrumentation pulled it off with no hitches, and the company soon soared into new heights. The future seems prolific for ACE Instrumentation. Success was advent.

“The reason to probably why we are so accomplished is due to the fact we deliver as promised. We work with trust and integrity, which I am certain our clients had appreciated our services over the years.” Mr Adam remarked on the proficiency of ACE Instrumentation. “Being understanding has been our forte. We know our customers’ needs and provide the best solution for them.” Promptness is another factor, which is why customers always turn back to ACE Instrumentation. Adhering to the family like way the company operates together, the company always has discussions over current company affairs; without fail. “This maximizes productivity.” Mr Adam added.

Such a superlative modus operandi has yield multitude of reaps. ACE Instrumentation is able to establish great relations with its clienteles. Along with a heap of satisfactory testimonials; rendering ACE Instrumentation to be more prominent in the industry. ACE Instrumentation is so prominent; multiple clients from neighboring countries had come to Singapore to engage their services. “It’s our source of pride.” Mr Adam said. The company has also attained an ABS Class ISO certification; only certified to top-notch companies around the world, and BizSAFE, a certification certified for the Safety Excellence of the company.

Being a leader, it is a prerequisite for Mr Adam to work harder than his personnel. “It’s the only way to sustain survivability.” Mr Adam explicated. “A leader also needs to make precise decisions to minimize lost. He had to ensure the company is running smoothly.” Mr Adam also acts as the father figure of his staffs; aiding them during the arduous work they had to go through. At the same time, allowing them to gain exposure and thrive. “A good entrepreneur also has to apply their knowledge and wisdom to the field.” Mr Adam exclaimed. “He also has to address everything with integrity and good service.”

“It’s gratifying when customers do understand and appreciate our services. That’s why we always try our best to satisfy their needs whenever possible.” Mr Adam expounded upon his motivation. “Being passionate about marine constructions since young had prevented me from being bored about this job. If I were not able to persevere, I would not be able to see success. I also like to thank my family, who has been rooting me all these while.” Mr Adam added.

ACE Instrumentation has multiple subsidiaries all over Dubai, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Despite so, it has been Mr Adam’s aspiration to generate more opportunities there. “Every opportunity is an open door. Having the opportunity to expand overseas is great!” Mr Adam elucidated with excitement.

Mr Adam is a man who exudes a fervent passion for what he does; a man who’s motivated, an understanding, caring leader for the company. A man instilled with integrity and honesty; to serve his very best for customers.

A man who would persevere until the very end, and give all he have to thrive. Mr Adam is a man who had displayed entrepreneur-ing excellence; a feat done for the honor of his company, and his family.

ACE is committed to their customer by maintaining an honest and sincere level of services and delivers the promise with integrity.

As for future plans, Mr Adam is currently analyzing market development and aims to increase company turnover by 10% annually and is also planning for more business development in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia where they have already set up an office.

With his wife being the woman behind his success and an outstanding entrepreneur, Mr Adam is grateful for her kind understanding and support through thick and thin.

Contact Details:
50 Kallang Pudding Road
#05-05 Golden Wheel Industrial
T| 6744 0564
F| 6744 0546
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