CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

We believe that everyone should do their part for the community. It is always important to remember that we should give back to the community, as they have provided us with the necessary tools for success in life.

While pursuing success is of great importance, we make it a point to never forget about those who are less privileged. The motivation for our initiative is to allow those who would not typically get the chance; to unleash their full potential.

Everyone has that hidden potential for success, many times, all they need is a helping hand.

Therefore, the SRA team stands behind the idea of helping and serving the community-at-large, as we believe in building a conscientious and harmonious society.

It is therefore a great honor and privilege to be able to participate in charitable causes to help the less advantaged.

Our CSR initiatives include fundraising efforts to raise funds for the Singapore Children Society and METTA Welfare Association.