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Mr. Subbarayan Venkatesh Babu

With fast moving industries and an innovative market in Singapore, it is important for many companies, especially for small-medium enterprises, to maximize their productivity and efficiency, so as not to fall behind their competitors in establishing prominence in their respective industries. To do so, they should look no further than iMatriz Solutions Pte Ltd.

Established in 2012 by Mr. Venkatesh Babu, iMatriz Solutions Pte Ltd is an enterprise software solution provider, offering services and products such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) software, and custom RFID solutions. With a prominent channel partnership with Microsoft, their specialty lies in their Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX ERP, as well as CRM Cloud and On Premises solutions and services.

With their goal to enable companies to use information technology (IT) to maximize their potential, iMatriz’s sole focus is to help their clients get the best possible returns on their IT investments. With a network of Microsoft ERP and CRM consultants worldwide, their clients can be assured that they will always receive latest knowledge and developments, so that they are well informed about how it can aid their company’s development.

Before the creation of iMatriz, Mr. Babu was working as an electronics engineer in a very different industry – pharmaceutical, Engineering, Construction, trading and manufacturing. Gaining a good foundation and understanding into business processes, it eventually inspired Mr. Babu to take up a Masters in Business Administration. Recognizing the huge potential of the IT industry and what it is able to do for businesses, Mr. Babu decided to make a foray into it, establishing GLOSAP Consulting Pte Ltd in 2006, then iMatriz Solutions in 2012.

Speaking of his decision at the time, Mr. Babu said, “The IT industry is a challenging area where you have to be innovative with your solutions in order to support all the enterprises’ needs. By establishing iMatriz, we are able to act as an extension to the SME and LE sectors, aiding them in successful IT transformations and technology initiatives. With my previous working experience, I know much about how SMEs work, which is why we are able to go to them, and introduce the right productions, the right solutions, at the right price.”

When iMatriz was first established, Mr. Babu encountered his first challenge with the new company – filling the vacant positions. “The availability of manpower resources is a challenge, even till today. It is hard to find the right man for the job, who comes with the skills and knowledge.” To compound the problem, Mr. Babu adds that job-hopping rates are high as well, with employees leaving before their projects are completed.

To cope with the shortage and cost of manpower, Mr. Babu decided to off shore the majority of iMatriz’s operations overseas to countries like Vietnam and India. “In total, we have about 120+ employees overseas in India and Vietnam, who are mainly working on our projects in Singapore. We are able to monitor their progress, and they are also able to work on adding local sales for us. We also have teams working in Malaysia and Indonesia, with each team consisting of 10-12 members.”

Although Mr. Babu professes that iMatriz is nowhere near IBM in terms of their company size, he tells us that the services and products they offer are essentially the same. “And although they have many big clients, we focus our attentions on the small-medium enterprises because we want to support their initiative.” He then added, “We focus on quality and price, and we know exactly what we are doing. Our consultants are all strictly in-house, allowing for easier communications, as well as keeping costs down. I believe it is important to build a consistent team, as if the teamwork is not there, we are losing money and our reputation with the client.”

Now with many years of experience as an entrepreneur, Mr. Babu is well aware of what it takes to succeed in the business world. “An entrepreneur needs to have the capacity, the courage, and the willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any risks in order to make a profit. One should not give up for any reason, and they should not get upset at what happened. Focus on achieving your goals, if the trust is there, people will come to you.”

Mr. Babu also believes in financial security for a company, “It is important to amass enough financial support for his company. No more loans from banks, and expand only within your means.” He then further added, “The spirit of an entrepreneur is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, and it is an essential part of a nation’s ability to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

With iMatriz’s current success, Mr. Babu is eager to achieve more of the same with the company. “In five year’s time, we hope to have an employee count of 500 across our various teams. We are also planning to expand company to other Asian countries, and even to Middle East. Down the line, we want to eventually be a global company, providing the best Value adding solutions partner for the Enterprise applications especially in ERP and CRM solutions.”

Under the leadership of Mr. Babu, and with their expanding company on the cusp of great success, we have no doubt that iMatriz Solutions will establish themselves in the IT solutions industry worldwide as a reliable, prominent service provider.

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