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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Budiman Saputra

Luck is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared. One might be lucky in entrepreneurship, meeting opportunities along the way. Unfortunately, luck is futile when one does not work hard to meet the expectations of opportunities. Nevertheless, one would be amazed how luck came to the proliferation of AST towards an imminent success that spans for nigh on a decade, just with a tinge of preparation in the mix.

AST, abbreviated for Access Systems Technology; a representation of the company’s access into the infrastructure building industry, dealing with the supplying of passenger and material hoists. Commenced in 1999, with just less than 5 employees, the number metamorphosed to more than 130 in 2011. All these ameliorations are brought to fore by its supreme leader, Mr Budiman Saputra. Mr Budiman reminisced: “My father was an influential figure who had concreted the path to where I am today. In 1983, He established Sinar Abadi Enterprises which was a trading company to source for construction equipments.” The Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s allowed Mr Budiman to seize his chance to bring his entrepreneurship into realization. At that point of time, Mr Budiman was working under the wing of his father, learning the ropes to bring the company to greater heights, hoping to assist his father and carry on the family business.

In 1998, Mr Budiman succeeded his father and became the helmsman of the company. It was soon renamed to Access Systems Technology. Mr Budiman decided to capitalize on his luck and astuteness, reviving the construction industry in Singapore and its relatively developed construction industry, along with its market infrastructure. Despite having a well-established network of international suppliers of construction equipments, starting out a business was tough for Mr Budiman. “We faced a difficulty building a customer base in Singapore as we are considered as a greenhorn in the local industry, having just diversified into Singapore. We met many rejections as clients have low confidence in us as we were too new.” Mr Budiman dictated the hitches met during the company’s initiation. Mr Budiman was not yet ready to throw in the towel though; he chose to persevere on and made calls to local contractors, one by one, to build up on their company awareness.

Coupled with the proffering of advanced equipments, procured and manufactured by Aliman Hek, a leading manufacturer of passenger and material hoists cages, made AST a more eminent choice for the general public. “We are also able to get assistance from manufacturers on technical support and services.” Mr Budiman added. It was not long for all these different factors to produce an expectable result. AST secured their first contract for the leasing of passenger and material hoists for a HDB residential projected named North Oaks located in Woodlands, Singapore. Success was advent for AST, establishing more than 40 projects for the next 3 years, from 1999 to 2001. “AST was still facing setbacks then, our client base was still not substantial, and the slow recovery of the construction industry was without doubt impeding our progress.” Mr Budiman expounded. Nevertheless, Mr Budiman began intensifying the operations of the company, expanding the manpower from 5 to 14; hiring mainly technicians, to enhance AST’s technical capabilities to serve customers better.

The business began to grow throughout the years; AST was also able to acquire Econ Equipment in 2001, a subsidiary of Econ International Limited. This acquisition allowed AST to perpetually expand beyond the horizon. Operations were increased through a series of acquisitions and AST became an approved crane contractor by MOM and HDB, allowing the company to lease out construction equipments for HDB projects. “I believe our success could not be derived without having good services. All our services are developed in-house, with no sub-contractors. We are also assertive on staying ahead of the competition by making sure all of our equipments are updated and advanced. We also initiated APL, a specialized company, to develop our very own in-house equipments and services.” Mr Budiman explicated on what makes AST at fore of the industry.

As of 2011, AST had managed to clinch and undertook in more than 400 projects; spanning over a gamut of countries such as Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. “We had successfully tendered construction equipments towards the building of the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) projects. We also managed to supply one of the largest available cranes in Singapore towards the project.” Mr Budiman listed one of AST’s achievements throughout its operations for more than a decade. A tip of an iceberg, when one looks at the spectrum of accomplishments the company made. AST had partook in the building of key landmarks in Singapore such as the Changi Airport Budget Terminal, the Fusionpolis, the Formula Grand Prix held in Singapore, Orchard ION, One Raffles Quay along with many other residential and community projects.

“To us, what matters most is the recognition and confidence built upon us by our customers. This can be shown when customers referred us to many difficult and big projects.” Mr Budiman divulged. “We also stand by the pride that what we do is not an one-time business. All our customers come back to us even after the completion of their projects.” Mr Budiman added. “Nothing beats the achievement and the satisfaction upon having the projects completed without setbacks. To me, this form of satisfaction is a spur, it pushes me to get more of it.” Mr Budiman commented upon his spur towards success.

As aforementioned, luck is nothing without preparation. “Luck is a key factor to success, as it opens a window of opportunities for you to prove yourself. Without preparation, there is no point in being lucky. To have a proper preparation for anything to come by your way, you need to have hard work, dedication and commitment.” Mr Budiman shed the light on attaining success. Mr Budiman also advocated: “Timing is also important in an entrepreneurship. You do not need luck to start your business at an optimal timing. Just being perceptive is more than enough.”

“Success doesn’t just come alone. To succeed, one must not just depend on oneself, but also the timing, environment and people around you.” Mr Budiman espoused. AST is without doubt a phenomenal success, despite so, Mr Budiman is still not yet calling it quits. “There’s still room for improvement as far as I can see. In the next 2 years, our government is building many residential homes for the citizens. This will cause a great demand in our business.” Mr Budiman indicated.

Today, AST stands strong in the industry with more than 100 tower cranes and 130 employees. AST had without doubt came a long way from its initiation. This unparalleled success could only come to realization with luck and an exceptional leader like Mr Budiman.

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