Corporate Mission

Mission: To be the preferred platform for honouring the best, and touching the hearts of people through the stories of our featured entrepreneurs.

Here at SRA, we make it our top priority to honour and celebrate the accomplishments of self-made individuals.

We believe that nothing happens solely by chance, as such; the success of different individuals is gained through hard work and determination.

We love doing what we do here in SRA, because we also get to bask in the success and accomplishments of people who have made it.

Moreover, in honoring these innovative and courageous individuals, we also learn more about life as we gain more insights into their personal stories. The stories included in our editorial write ups are meant to inspire a new generation to conquer new grounds and bravely venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

corporate mission (Revised revised)Our mission is to highlight the importance of hard work as the primary source towards success. Putting it bluntly, advertising and marketing is nothing, if one doesn’t have the expertise to deliver expectations. As such, we believe in extolling the virtue of hard work.

Recipients who are awarded with the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award will join the ranks of companies such as Bioskin Holdings, Toyogo (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, and many more.

Success is not complete without active citizenry, as we also aspire to play a part in community building. On top of honoring the achievements of entrepreneurs, we also believe in giving back to the community, as we believe that acts of kindness increase the happiness index of everyone around.

We believe that the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is more than just an award; it is a motivation for people to continue their hard work, it marks a significant milestone in a company’s history, it is a culmination of years of innovation and perseverance. Ultimately, it is a testament that dreams do come true.

While many of our recipients feel honored for receiving this validation, it is us, at SRA, who should extend our gratefulness to these individuals who make us believe in the power of trying in every aspect of our daily lives.