Singapore Resource Association (SRA) is the result of two friends’ dream to be the best at what they do.

Leslie Cheng and Andy Ng grew up inspired by stories of successful entrepreneurs, and they yearn to create their own chapter of success. They decided to bite the bullet in 2011, when they established Singapore Resource Association and initiated the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award.

The creation of the award also coincided with the government’s move to encourage the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurship.

Leslie and Andy saw that as a rare opportunity to help recognize the accomplishments of hardworking entrepreneurs, not unlike themselves.

On top of that, they also wish to share their philosophy with fellow entrepreneurs. They are acutely aware that the SRA brand is one that centers around the stories of unique individuals, whose success underscore their unrivalled courage and passion.

Much like the recipients of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award, Leslie and Andy are also entrepreneurs. They are most able to relate with the entrepreneur community, as they can understand the trials and tribulations of creating and operating a business from scratch.

By highlighting that entrepreneurs are people who give it their all in every aspect of their work, SRA shows that success is an attainable possibility, as long as you try.

The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award acts as a motivation for existing entrepreneurs to continue with their fine work, and also seeks to create a new culture; one that promotes courage and dreams.

This ethos is special to Leslie and Andy, as it harks back to the days where people believed in them and gave them their big break.

SRA will always be the wind at your back, cheering you on as you set down new boundaries and break new grounds.

Just think of it this way, the SRA brand is simply – By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.