Corporate Values

The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is set up to honor the innovation and courage of entrepreneurs, and to showcase the best SMEs our country has to offer.

Since our start in 2011, it has been our core belief to stand behind people’s dreams and aspirations. We are an organization working with the belief that people with mental fortitude and the right skills will achieve unparalleled success.

We believe in three important core values:

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Ambition: We believe that every success starts with a small dream. Propelling this dream is one’s ambition to be successful in a chosen area of expertise. It is our belief that this ambition underscores the power of human possibilities and should therefore be celebrated.

Honesty: It is important to practice honesty and ethics in every facet of life. We believe that a business that is transparent and forthcoming guides people on a right path.

Integrity: It is our uncompromising principle to honor the success and dreams of those who persevere and stuck to their goals.

It is our sincerest belief that – no matter how big or small – success should be recognized. While it is important to gain success, it is equally important to honor the accomplishments of innovative and courageous businesspersons every step of the way.

Here at SRA, our set of corporate values is what the company stands for and cherishes. These values influence every facet of our operations, and they also represent the most significant commitments to our work.