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Names of Recipients:
Ms. Janet Wong
Mr. Keith Chan

We can never be certain about the future and therefore we must continue to be flexible and adaptable so that we can react quickly to the needs of our clients and our market place. Change is onerous to adhere, and requires a profusion of courage to leave one’s comfort zone. Nevertheless, in an entrepreneurship, the volatility of success should not be underestimated. Entrepreneurs either succeed or fail. ABS Building Products is a successful trading company; adept in the proffering of ironmongery, timber and signage, under the helm of its leader, Mr Keith Chan.

When one looks at Mr Chan’s gamut of achievements in his past careers, I shall be nothing but feel impressed about it. This was why 3 years ago, Mr Chan succeeded as a shareholder of the company when one of the shareholders decided to retire. Everything has been smooth sailing ever since Mr Chan came into fore. ABS Building Products proliferated in multitudes, to establish some of the most remarkable acquirements even seen in the industry. As Mr Chan elucidated: “I feel that I have the responsibility to further extend this traditional business.” ABS Building Products was armed with a heritage of more than 2 decades, starting out with just more than ten employees, the number has doubled nigh on to more than a score.

Mr Chan was seen as the ideal man to supersede his predecessors due to his adroitness in the industry. With more than 20 years of experience in ironmongery and timber supplies at his hilt, it was a cinch that Mr Chan was the man for the job to bring ABS Building Products to vaster heights. “I see this industry as a potent industry, with much spaces for expansion.” Mr Chan expounded on the prospect he sees for his industry. Mr Chan also added: “I see the core value in the ironmongery industry as these things are all around us, but not many sees it like I do.” Without doubt, many people take ironmongery for granted. One would be astonished to see how much value could ironmongery add to our lives, when he came to know that it is a pivotal tool when it comes to the erection of megastructures such as Macau Sands and Marina Bay Sands; two casinos located in both Macau and Singapore respectively. “We partook in projects for the building of these two major casinos in Asia.” Mr Chan reminisced.

“It was challenging, but it was a very meaning experience.” Mr Chan further elaborated on ABS Building Products’ participance in the construction of these two behemoths. “Although both are casinos based in Asia, they have different expectations and it was quite interesting to see how they managed to meet the expectations.” Mr Chan explicated. In this fast paced society, many people started to opt for quantity over quality. Despite so, ABS Building Products is staunched on changing this. “In the past, most projects appointed an architect who puts quality at priority. These days, things have changed. Contractors are more willing to use inferior material as it would lead to a better profit margin. To me, that’s just immoral.” Mr Chan divulged the problem plaguing the company.

Mr Chan added on: “We understand the viewpoint of the end target user, the customers. Despite how fast paced our society have become, I believe they value quality over quantity.” This was why ABS Building Products embarked to make change on this taboo and ameliorate the problem. “We will provide professional consultancy to the main contractors, and assert them that prices are secondary and quality is still what we want to provide.” Mr Chan then further asserted: “Most of our competitors only focused on pricing. We focus on quality.” Quality over quantity, without doubt, this notion will be welcomed absolutely by customers. “We also educate our end users about the difference between the products and provide the most suitable products for their needs. We are also certain that our products would outlast our competitors’.” As ABS Building Products undertook on its expansion plan, many competitors in the market began clearly shrinking, not posing a problem for the company.

Such expertise had allowed ABS Building Products to participate in many monumental projects, such as the building of 5 local polytechnics, out of the total 8. ABS Building Products was also involved in the construction of massive hospitals such as the Tan Tock Seng hospital, and Mount Alvernia hospital. “Most importantly however, is that recognition we get that makes me feel proud.” Mr Chan commented. ABS Building Products’ prominence was so eminent, despite being based in Asia, the company is classified alongside renowned European brands.

As aforementioned, entrepreneurship is all about innovation and revolution; the ability to make a change in the industry. This is certainly true for ABS Building Products, being able to advocate the public to favor quality over quantity. “It’s either you rise or you fall.” Mr Chan replied snappishly. “I hate to say this as many will mention the same, but Steve Jobs is my motivation and inspiration.” Mr Chan admitted about his guiding spirit, the American revolutionary and visionary Steve Jobs; founder of Apple Computers. “In my opinion, he is very inspiring as he innovated new ideas and products, even when he was ill.”

So what qualities had helped Mr Chan procured the much coveted success in an entrepreneurship? “You need to be persistent. Like life, an entrepreneurship comes with highs and lows. You need to survive through the lows to succeed. Be sure to stick to one thing, and do not digress from it, as you will not achieve anything.” Mr Chan mentioned astutely. “I believe the key to success also lies in the integrity and professional ethics of the entrepreneur. You can cheat and make fast money, but you would not last.”

Mr Chan was also exhilarated to share some of the company’s expansion plans. As aforementioned, ABS Building Products is currently in midst of an expansion, leaving its pack of competitors behind. Mr Chan proceeded to give an in-depth look to the company’s expansion plans: “We already opened our showroom in Hong Kong and we plan to be the biggest player in the South-East Asia.” Mr Chan continued: “Not only that, we started on our retail market to make our products available to the end-user market as well.”

The success story of ABS Building Products encapsulates the need for change; the ability to innovate and make a revolution. With such an ambitious, courageous and incisive man such as Mr Chan at fore, it should not take long for ABS Building Products to succeed in fulfilling these exceptional dreams.

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