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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jean Soh

Control your own destiny if not someone else will. To most entrepreneurs, possessing the control over what they do is the biggest perk an entrepreneurship has yet to offer. For Miss Jean Soh, founder of AAMOR Private Limited, her entrepreneurship is a mean of joy, the ability to take control of her own career and destiny, as she freed herself from the restraints of her prior company.

“I worked in companies and I always have expansion suggestions for the company. These suggestions are usually neglected, as my ex-bosses are rather conservative. Now, I have control over what I am doing.” Miss Soh disclosed her reasons of starting her own entrepreneurship. AAMOR; a stylized representation of Amour, defines as passion and love, expertise in the trading of architecture products such as sanitary and ironmongery. The business also distributes its products to real estate developers, architects and showrooms. With nigh on 10 years of experience working in this industry, AAMOR was a cinch for Miss Soh as she packs the passion and interest for both the product and people that she sees. “I enjoy every single thing I am doing now.” Miss Soh commented jubilantly.

At its inception, AAMOR was at its most precarious moment, facing manpower setbacks. This causes each staff member having to manhandle more tasks, resulting in a more taxing workforce. “The employment, maintaining and training of the manpower was what struck us at the beginning. A good team of manpower is always vital for a successful business.” Miss Soh explicated discerningly. In order to curb this problem, Miss Soh went to the extent of personally training each employee with passion. “We emphasize not just on career growth, but also personal growth.” Miss Soh indicated.

Due to Miss Soh’s superlative past experiences with customers in her previous workplace, it had helped her generate a substantial clientele base for AAMOR. “These customers insists on buying from AAMOR, thanks to the good level of service provided. I am very grateful for these clients as they have been very supportive, and often referred clients to us after using our services.” Miss Soh shared. Without doubt, exceptional service quality is pivotal for success.

Miss Soh then listed a multitude of implementations made for AAMOR, which distinguishes itself from the industry: “We invest a lot in our IT infrastructures. This means more efficient and faster dealings between our customers and us. We are the only company that uses this system and we can provide quotations, with pictures swiftly.” As aforementioned, service is pertinent to an entrepreneurship’s success, one forte of AAMOR lies on the aspect of service. “We focus on service with our clients and we also provide solutions with clients with issues on site. We will also often help out people that are not necessarily our clients.” Miss Soh revealed.

Such proficiency has allowed AAMOR to be recognized as one of the prime leaders in the industry in the short span of 2 years, since when the company was initiated in 2009. AAMOR is so accomplished under the helm of Miss Soh; it stands stronger than businesses, which have been around for more than a score of years. These achievements do not match up to what has been achieved within the company. “Our employees love coming to work and enjoy what they are doing. Each individual is committed and looking forward to the growth of the company, and work together like a family even though this is not a family business.” Miss Soh divulged her pride in the sinews of AAMOR, which had helped the company.

“Being an entrepreneur, you need to have perseverance and the never say die attitude. Being an entrepreneur is tough, but with persistence, success will realize. An entrepreneurship is also about pushing your boundaries and never stops improving. Only that way, you can be successful.” Miss Soh defined on what entrepreneurship meant to her. Being a fan of business revolutionaries, such as Donald Trump, Miss Soh derives her motivation and inspiration by reading biographies of successful people. “Personally, I am also quite self-motivated to do as well as these successful entrepreneurs.” Miss Soh disclosed her innate motivation.

Entrepreneurship is arduous, but what it reaps certainly deserve one’s effort. “It’s not an easy path, there will be obstacles and people whom discourage you.” Miss Soh illustrated the rocky path, which lies ahead in an entrepreneurship. “You have to possess your own beliefs, persevere, and pull through to the end.” Miss Soh added. “If you believe it’s possible then go ahead and start your own entrepreneurship.”

“Yes, definitely!” Miss Soh beamed with enthusiasm on the topic of expansion for AAMOR. “We already have a sister company in the United States, and in 5 other countries, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Mongolia and China.” Miss Soh continued. “We are also planning to expand to more parts of China and Malaysia.”

The future of AAMOR looks prolific at the fore of a marvelous leader like Miss Soh. AAMOR shall evolve for perpetuity in the hands of Miss Soh for certainty.

Contact Details:
120 Lower Delta Road #01-13
Cendex Centre S(169208)
T| 6878 0200
F| 6878 0500
E| jean.soh@aamor.com.sg

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