Contagious Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Rayner Lim

“Every good idea should be contagious”, quipped Rayner, creative partner and founder of Contagious Pte Ltd.

Contagious was founded on the belief that advertisements can be both fun and creative. Going in depth into this point, Rayner point out that oftentimes, advertisements just serve a function of promoting a product. That is the direction that Contagious wants to move away from, as they hope to bring vibrancy and energy into every project that they undertake.

Contagious had a rocky start, as they struggled with brand awareness and visibility during the financial crisis. “The child-like mentality of solving problems is very important”, said Rayner. A short visit to the company’s website will be enough to see the direction that Contagious is going, as the website features a game-like interface, which even bears the header, “Tap the Rat”. Clearly inspired by the classic British comedy series, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Contagious was successful in their attempt to gain the attention of clients by reinventing the wheel in the creative industry with their bold and at times over-the-top campaigns.

When asked about how his company stands apart from others in the industry, Rayner said: “We don’t overthink too much, we do our own thing and focus on that.” Clearly, this shows that Contagious is an advertising agency that chooses to reinvent themselves, rather than be moved by the times.

Meanwhile, Contagious is also savvy enough to realize that times have changed and are emphasizing more on the digital medium. Rayner said: “At the beginning, it was all print, but now, the digital component is the centerpiece.”

Rayner also said that Contagious is hopeful that they will continue to get clients to appreciate creativity in advertising. Rayner added: “Mostly, Singaporeans tend to be skeptical and overthink too much, but I think we are starting to see a shift in that, and clients are beginning to appreciate creative ideas more.” As such, the brand of advertising favored by Contagious is one that is infectiously vibrant and fun, as they hope to usher in a new way of looking at advertising and even life.

Rayner is extremely proud of the fact that Contagious is gaining more accolades and praise from the people around. For example, the company was awarded the bronze award for Press Ad Classified/Recruitment in the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Ink Awards in 2009. In addition, Contagious also worked with Wildlife Reserve Singapore for a year-end campaign for Jurong Bird Park.

“Being an entrepreneur allowed me the opportunity to learn skills that I could never learn when I was an employee”, stated Rayner. Elaborating on his statement, Rayner said that it is extremely educational for him to be able to undertake such a learning journey in life. This entrepreneurial journal has taught him the importance of respect. As he mentioned that respect and harmony are the major binding forces within a workplace.

When asked about the necessary qualities of becoming successful in business, Rayner said: “Though it is rare, I must say that honesty is really important.” Moreover, a successful entrepreneur is also an individual who works everyday without any breaks, as he must be knowledgeable about all aspects of the business.

Contagious is only set for more success for many years to come with their vibrant and creative take on advertising. Their innovative approach in “contagious” ideas is something that will stand the test of time, and allow them to create a name for themselves in the advertising landscape in Singapore.

Contact Details:
161 Lavender Street #02-17
Singapore 338750


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