BTB Creditz

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Barry Lee

Falling behind on one’s finances or having some difficulties paying the bill in Singapore is getting increasingly prominent. Feeling the pressure of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, many Singaporeans are turning to licensed moneylenders to alleviate some of their financial problems. BTB Creditz has been in the industry since 2011, and has built a name for being a reliable name among customers.

BTB Creditz specializes in small personal loans, which, according to the company’s director, Barry Lee, allows them to form personal relationships with clients. In addition, the company also specializes in foreigner loans, where the expatriate community will be able to apply for loans when the need calls for it.

The initial stage of entrepreneurship was one filled with many challenges. Barry said that brand awareness was the biggest obstacle at the start of his business tenure. He said that his team had to work doubly hard in order to build up good business relationships with clients. It is only by slowly building up a reputation of being trustworthy, that customers started approaching BTB Creditz due to positive word of mouth and referral.

Barry mentioned that the licensed moneylending industry is one that requires a strict adherence to rules and regulations. Barry said: “Actually for our industry, it is very important to go by the book, in general terms, no hooliganism.” This marks a sharp contrast from the usual stigma associated with the industry. BTB Creditz hopes to be able to overcome the negative stereotypes associated with the moneylending industry by being professional, ethical, and honest. The BTB Creditz team believes in following the rules and regulations as there are no shortcuts in life, and they also wholly pledge themselves to upholding the integrity of the company.

BTB Creditz differentiates themselves within the licensed moneylending industry by emphasizing on professionalism. The team at BTB Creditz prides themselves on being professional to clients, and as such, being an efficient team that delivers clients’ expectations.

Asked about BTB Creditz’s milestones, Barry said: “I’m glad that my team and I have been able to build up quite a solid customer base. I’m glad that we have become more well known.” Barry is extremely proud of the fact they BTB Creditz is still surviving and doing well in an industry that is highly competitive in nature.

Barry also gave his opinion on the nature of entrepreneurship, he mused: “Entrepreneurship means being able to build a business on your own, regardless of it being successful or not.” He went on to say that potential up and coming entrepreneurs could learn a thing or two by getting tips from famous success stories around the world.

Watching his father operate his own business when he was growing up gave Barry the inspiration to set up his own company. Barry cited his father as his main source of motivation, and highlighted that he hopes to follow in his father’s footstep by making a good living as an entrepreneur who provides for his family.

“A successful entrepreneur is a person who is very involved in the business. One who is aware of the times and the latest progress in the industry”, said Barry. It is apparent that an entrepreneur is a person who never rests, and is always staying on his/her toes.

Evidently, BTB Creditz hopes to be the one company that revolutionizes the licensed moneylending industry through professionalism and a personal touch. The future for BTB Creditz is an exciting story waiting to happen, as the company most certainly possesses the capabilities to carve their own signature in the world of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.

Contact Details:
810 Geylang Road #01-05/14
City Plaza S(409286)
T| 6748 7875


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