EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Leo Meng Chee

EnGenius Networks is a company that offers IT networking solutions to SMEs and SOHO users via IT distribution channel. Offer the users the ability to gain access to an Internet connection via wire and/or wireless solution. Their channel presence is extended to many regions, such as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

The company was set up offering IT networking solutions because they were the makers of the Radio Frequency (RF) telephony product like Long Range Cordless Telephone since 1993. When there was lesser demand for the RF product line, during the turn of the century, they managed to transfer the RF technology to the wireless networking solution.

As expected of a relatively new company, brand awareness was low for EnGenius Networks during their initial stages. Moreover, the company did not have the funds for marketing and to create brand awareness. Despite the difficulty, the team at EnGenius worked hard in order to make up for their lack of advertising and marketing. One of the directors, Leo Meng Chee said: “Quality is the foundation, and reputation comes in only with good service.” Through perseverance and hard work, EnGenius managed to convince customers of their worth and their journey started getting smoother.

Leo mentioned that the IT industry is a constantly evolving industry, where personnel must update their knowledge and skills. Currently, EnGenius has found a niche area by providing IT solutions for the government and commercial sectors.

When asked about the major differentiating factor of EnGenius within the IT industry, Leo said: “Besides offering high quality products and services, we have been working closely with our channel partners, supporting them in their value-added pre and post sales needs. This will allow the channel partners to be part of the company’s overall growth.”

EnGenius looks ahead to the future and projects to double their manpower strengths in the next three to five years. The company also has plans to use Singapore as the main management hub and set up an overseas presence to service the local market. When asked about the emphasis on Singapore as EnGenius’ hub, Leo stated: “Singapore has its value, Singapore itself is a high quality brand. People know us to have a stable political climate; and we are seen as honest and financially stable.”

Leo is extremely proud of the fact that EnGenius has managed to succeed in the international arena. He added that this shows that dreams do pay off for those who are willing to work hard and put in the hours.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Leo said resolutely, “vision, persistence, and a lot of sacrifices”. Evidently, this shows that entrepreneurship is multi-faceted and requires an individual to showcase many aspects of his/her talents.

Leo even talked about his source of inspiration and motivation in life. He said that he has learnt from his mentors and seniors along the way. He added that not only has his skills and knowledge improved, he also learnt humility from them. Moreover, Leo has the opportunity to travel the world, and he has also learnt a lot from interacting and learning from people of different cultures and beliefs.

Giving his take on the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur, Leo said, “honesty, hard work, and knowledge”. He went on to explain that honesty must be applied to oneself, one’s business partners and colleagues. It is only by building honest relationship that trust will be a common bond within a working environment, and as such, people will all work towards a common goal for the company. As for knowledge, Leo added: “Knowledge, as the modern world is now running in the gigabit rate, we all have to learn the new tactics and skills. This is so that we can offer a ‘Class A’ upfront service with the latest technology.”

The narrative of EnGenius Networks’ success is one that is written with hard work, perseverance, honesty, and passion. The company has set a new benchmark within the IT industry and will only continue to create new achievements in the years to come.

Contact Details:
215 Henderson Road #01-04
Henderson Industrial Park S(159554)
T| 6227 1088
F| 6227 2766


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