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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Tin Wai Fun

An abbreviation for accountability, dedication & determination, good teamwork, and excellent customer satisfaction, Adge is most certainly a company that seeks to be the best in human resource management.

Adge, as headhunters, differentiate themselves by their ability to locate individuals in niche career specialties. Take for example, an animal nutritionist or a foundry expert, both jobs are rather uncommon, and therefore, it is up to the professionals at Adge to locate them.

Ms Tin Wai Fun decided to set up her own company at the turn of the millennium. However, it was not all smooth sailing, as entrepreneurship is an often difficult and lonely process.

Wai Fun mentioned that the initial stages were rocky, as brand-awareness was low. Despite the difficulty, the Adge team soldiered on with their work, and eventually more clients started coming their way due to positive word of mouth.

“I believe in myself, I think that with a positive attitude, anything can be done”, Wai Fun said. This positive attitude certainly helps the company maintain its edge, as they are able to stare adversity in the eye and not give up till the job gets done.

Wai Fun believes that the “never give up” spirit is the most important quality that all headhunters must possess. Without this important quality, failure is certain. It takes a lot of research and persuasion skill to excel in this particular line of work. Therefore, a good attitude is something that will serve in the long run, as a headhunter must be patient and diligent in the most trying of times.

Adge hopes to do more in career counseling in the future, because the company feels that there are many ways an individual can give back to the community. Wai Fun says that a person’s mental wellbeing is extremely important, as it will determine the productivity of a person. Driving home the importance of career counseling, Wai Fun stressed that retrenchment is much more common in the 21st century than ever before, as such, more people will require mental support to get back on their feet.

Wai Fun hopes to develop business in developing countries, to conduct workshops on interview etiquette and how to prepare impressive resumes. These individuals do not lack the necessary skills and expertise; rather, all they require is self-presentation skills to attract prospective employers.

“In business – either you fold, or just carry on. I am very grateful to be able to have my loved ones and loyal customers behind me throughout my career”, Wai Fun added. She elaborated that she is constantly motivated by people who give her unconditional support, and she strives to do her best so as not to let them down.

The ability to find the perfect candidate for a particular designation is something that Wai Fun loves best about her job. She mentioned that she is able to travel the world in search of the “perfect candidate”. It is the search that excites her, as many a times people do not seem to realize that finding the “right person for the job” is much harder than it seems. As such, she takes a lot of effort and pride in being able to track down the perfect candidate for the perfect job. She says that the satisfaction of finally finding the “perfect candidate” is unrivalled euphoria.

“My job is actually about human beings, it is about human relations, it is and will never be about people as objects”, Wai Fun said.

Wai Fun offered some tips for headhunting; she mentioned that one must gain an overall perspective in scope. For example, she mentioned that not only must a candidate have the necessary skills for the job; he/she must also have the “cultural fit” and the psychological suitability for the job.

With this “cultural fit” one will be able to find the right person with the right attitude for the job. A thought-provoking way to look at the headhunting business, as headhunters are not only tasked with finding the right person with the needed expertise, they must also consider the mental aptitude of a person when looking at a job placement.

“We work the extra mile”, said Wai Fun. She added that many times, it is the staff’s dedication that puts Adge over as the preferred choice for human resource.

Ultimately, what is more than obvious is that passion and positivity will go a long way in life, and Adge is the very testament to that claim. Undoubtedly, they have left a unique footprint on the landscape of the human resource industry in Singapore.

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