ABC Hostel Private Limited

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Loh Wai Leong

With Singapore now a popular destination for tourists worldwide, the accommodation choices that have sprung up over the years are boundless. Whether they may be looking for creature comforts in more expensive hotels, or keen to save on finances by living in hostels, there will always be a place where their tastes and their pockets can be satisfied. Should one be looking for a comfortable yet affordable option, they should look no further than the three hostels under ABC Hostel Private Limited.

Established in 2008 by Mr. Loh Wai Leong, ABC Hostel is a chain of backpacker hostels located right in the heart of Singapore. Currently, ABC Hostel, ABC Hostel @Hamilton, and ABC Premium Hostel are the hostels heading up the name, and their main aim is to provide a cozy home experience for their lodgers. With their affordable rates and convenient location, services such as 24-hour reception, free breakfast and WIFI, they truly make an excellent choice for backpackers looking to travel on a budget.

Previously only working as a contractor, Mr. Loh was approached by a friend to make a foray into the tourism industry. Recognizing its potential, Mr. Loh began searching for a good name for his new business. “I chose the name ABC Hostel because it is very easy to remember. I don’t know much English, and many of my foreign customers also do not know English well. By making the name catchy and easy to remember, it is easier to bring business in.” With the name decided, ABC Hostel officially opened their doors in 2008.

When the first ABC Hostel was established, Mr. Loh feels that he is lucky to avoid any obstacles toward the business. “To have a successful business, its finances must first be good. For us, our finances are good, we have the money, hence we didn’t have any difficulties when we started.” However, he also professes that their premise as a budget hostel does not promise much returns either, with their finances only breaking even for many months.

But Mr. Loh is confident that ABC Hostel will continue to thrive. “Compared to hotels, we are a much cheaper and affordable option. We are also located in a strategic location, and our business has never been better. I’m confident that it will remain this way.”

Confidence is not the only factor distinguishing ABC Hostel with their competitors, as Mr. Loh takes their service attitude seriously. “It is important to have manners, to emphasize on customer service. Because if they feel comfortable, if they have had a good experience here, they are likely to return to you the next time they are travelling here. For us, we have quite a lot of returning customers. Most of them, up to 90 percent of our customers, come from Indonesia. That is where most of my customers come from.”

With his years of experience, customer service is one of the many important things Mr. Loh has learnt during his entrepreneurial journey. He said, “We definitely try our best to cater to them to the best of our abilities. For example, in the past we used to only have breakfast during a certain period, but after feedback from my customers, breakfast is now 24/7 in the hostels. We are willing to accommodate our customer’s requests as best as we can.”

Besides providing good customer service, Mr. Loh also advises potential entrepreneurs to acquire sufficient insider knowledge before doing business in any industry. “You need to really know how to do business, and not just have the largest shares in the company. To do that, you need to gain expertise and experience in your line of work. And once you earn your money, don’t overspend. Money is now harder to earn and you need to treasure whatever you have.”

Content with their current achievements, Mr. Loh says that they have no plans to open more hostels as of yet. “We already have three hostels, and the maintenance and rental for one is very expensive. Of course, I should never say never, and should our hostels garner more business, we’ll see how then.”

With their impeccable service, reasonable rates, and convenient location, ABC Hostel has truly built a name for themselves in the competitive tourism industry. Without a doubt, they will gather more prominence as their business grows, and they will continue to provide the same level of excellent service to their customers.

Contact Details:

ABC Hostel
3 Jalan Kubor S(199201)

ABC Hostel @Hamilton
7A Hamilton Road S(209178)

ABC Premium Hostel
91A, 93A, 95A Owen Road S(281903)
T| 6298 1611


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