Proof Perfect Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Angela Dove

Words, they have the power to light fires inside of men, the power to change one’s perspective on how they view the world. In modern times, with the world permeated by various media outlets, words are now used by such outlets to encourage and convince the mass public for many purposes. However, only in the deftest hands can words be magnified to their full potential, and at Proof Perfect, it is where the deftest hands are at.

Established in 2003 by Ms. Angela Dove, Proof Perfect Pte Ltd are a marketing communications company, offering services such as copywriting, proofreading, editing, design, and online engagement for their clients. In addition, through their team of partners, they are also able to provide affiliated services such as printing, photography and videography. A writing specialized company in the advertising agency, their vision is to create positive perception for corporations worldwide through quality, targeted, and integrated marketing communications.

It is interesting to note that Proof Perfect actually came about as a result of a happy accident. Angela said, “It wasn’t planned. At that time, I have been teaching English as a foreign language for twelve years in Singapore. One business school I taught in did not have many resources, and I had to write much of the syllabus myself. At the same time, I submitted articles in magazines, and they got published. So I thought, ‘Hey, I can actually do this for a living!’ At that time, I had two young children, and I wanted to spend more time with them. So I contacted design agencies about helping out with some writing, and this was how Proof Perfect started.”

Leaving her life of teaching behind, Angela sought to build the company from the ground up, clearing the path of entrepreneurial obstacles as she go. “As I don’t have experience managing a business, I had to learn as I move along.” Angela then added, “One thing that I learnt was how to deal with money. The culture of the UK is very different from Singapore. In the UK, usually people give you a fixed price, and you either take it or leave it. But in Singapore, usually there is some haggling and bargaining involved.”

“After seeking advice from business coaches, I learnt how to stick to our guns, and be fair to ourselves. At the beginning, we usually compete on price, but now we establish a pricing that is far to us. Because that is our price, and that is our value, and I know now that any company should never underprice themselves.”

One unique aspect about Proof Perfect is that they are a writing-specialized advertising company, and Angela believes that it is a distinguishing factor from their competitors. “A lot of advertising agencies are design based, and there is not so much emphasis on writing. If they needed a piece of writing done, these are usually outsourced to freelance writers. I can confidently say that we are the only Singapore company that offers copywriting as one of our core services. As such, we are also able to market ourselves differently from others, which to me is another advantage as well.”

By marketing themselves differently, and in the process adopting the operational style of a big company, Proof Perfect has managed to stay strong in the competitive advertising industry, eleven years since their establishment. For Angela, it was one of the most important lessons she has learnt. “You have to treat your company like it’s a big company. Create job roles, clearly defined job descriptions, setting up the systems. You have to set the vision for the future, what you envision the company to be. When everything is in place, it will reduce the amount of human errors, and also minimize the amount of training when someone new comes in, because you already know how they are going to fit in.”

Additionally, Angela believes that having the right staff members can make a world of difference. “The recruitment of staff is very important. A company needs to have the right people about, the right team for the job. But that doesn’t always happen. For us, we only recruit people with experience into our company. They come in, they take up less time in training, and they are able to integrate into our work system quickly.”

For Angela, Proof Perfect is currently advancing on their pre-determined plans, and she shares with us what is next for the company. “Our first step was to have an in-house designing services. We have accomplished that, and gained a Director of Design in the process. As we are now currently outsourcing our programming needs, our next step is to recruit a programmer into our team. This is crucial as we are looking into the apps industry. Down the line, we also hope to provide corporate training in writing, design and marketing, which are skills that would be particularly useful to corporate marketing.”

With commitment, skill, and experience, Proof Perfect has proved to be reliable service providers, and have now built themselves to be a distinguished company in the advertising industry. Under the leadership of Angela, and with the support of theor team, we have no doubt Proof Perfect will continue to uphold this reputation for many years to come.

Contact Details:
45A Kampong Bahru Road S(169360)
T| 6333 4138
F| 6336 7191


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