Hong Hai Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Zhuang He

Hong Hai Construction Pte Ltd, a general contractor in the construction industry, specializes in structural building construction for commercial buildings. Established in 2012 by Mr. Zhuang He, Hong Hai Construction mostly deals with Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structural trades. Their portfolio includes the underground tunnel and overhead skybridge at the National Heart Centre Singapore, as well as being a part of the construction of the Water Theme Park at Resorts World Sentosa.

Armed with extensive experience in the construction industry, it seemed only natural that Mr. Zhuang came out eventually to set up his own construction firm. Choosing the Chinese characters “Hong” and “Hai”, which mean grand/magnificent and sea respectively, Mr. Zhuang hopes to invoke the spirit of these two characters into his company. “I hope to bring my business to a whole new level, where our achievements are as magnificent as the sea, and can grow to encompass a great number of employees and management.” With the company name decided, Hong Hai Construction is hence established.

But, as with all new companies, Hong Hai Construction soon encountered their first challenge. “In the construction industry, you need a lot of reserves to stockpile your materials. And that soon began to give us some financial problems.” He then added, “As we are a new company, there are some difficulty in finding new clients and gathering a new client pool. Also, as I do not speak English very well, there is a language barrier which I have to conquer as well.” In addition, the increase in foreign levy each year also places further financial strain on Hong Hai Construction.

To overcome these difficulties, Mr. Zhuang invested more money and sought out partnerships that would benefit his business. He also looked for more projects and clients through his friends and ex-colleagues. Mr. Zhuang proclaimed, “I have initiated other plans to make better use of our resources, in order to help ease the strain. We also took up projects of different scales and difficulty, which will help grow my employees and business in different areas.”

Mr. Zhuang places much emphasis on his employees, firmly believing in their value to the company. “I believe our foreign workers and employees are fundamental to our business. We have an edge over our competitors because we do not delay salaries to our employees, which allows them to do their utmost best in their duties.” He then added, “Credibility is also another value which I uphold when doing business. We never fail to deliver on our promise, and we complete each project to the fullest. We gain trust from not only our clients, but also from our suppliers and sub-contractors.”

Now, two years since they started operations, Hong Hai Construction has built up a portfolio for themselves, participating in numerous constructions of well-known structures. Currently, they are hard at work on the Inpatient Tower Block of Yishun Community Hospital, as well as the 66kV Substation at the Sin Ming Industrial Estate, which is exactly the kind of work Mr. Zhuang strives for. “My proudest achievement with Hong Hai comes in the completion of projects with a relatively high level of difficulty.” For Mr. Zhuang, examples of these projects include the aforementioned structures at National Heart Centre Singapore and the Resorts World Sentosa Water Theme Park.

Looking back, Mr. Zhuang reflects upon the journey that brought him to where he is today. “For me, entrepreneurship is about putting responsibilities on my shoulders, and leading the company in my own ways. It is about making important decisions which could affect not only me but all my employees.” He then added, “Apart from the immense pressure of entrepreneurship, being an entrepreneur has definitely given me an insight into the process of running a business properly. I also gained many opportunities that would not have been presented to me if I were to remain as an employee.”

A veteran entrepreneur, Mr. Zhuang knows well the qualities needed to succeed in business. “Entrepreneurs have to be experienced and knowledgeable in their relevant field. They cannot just go into the industry without the necessary insider knowledge about it. They need experience, and have to be as hands on with their work as much as possible.” He then added, “An entrepreneur also needs to be daring enough to take risks. Because it’s no use even if you have the best ideas, you need to be courageous enough to create it.”

For the coming years, Mr. Zhuang hopes to be able to bring Hong Hai Construction to the next level. “In the next five years, my plan is to make Hong Hai Construction a main contractor. That way, we would be able to handle larger scale projects that we are unable to now. I also intend to expand my company locally in Singapore, as well as increase our company assets.”

With his experience, Mr. Zhuang has seen first-hand the challenges and risks of business management, and each time, successfully circumvented it. We have no doubt that, no matter what challenges Hong Hai Construction might face, or the barriers they have to overcome to reach their goals, Mr. Zhuang and his team will have no trouble taking the company to the next level in the years ahead.

Contact Details:
11 Woodlands Close #08-25
Woodlands 11 S(737853)
T| 6339 3183
F| 6339 3189
E| honghaiconstruction@gmail.com


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