Golden Credit (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Carson Cheung

The term “Golden Age” is usually used as a metaphor for a period of time which great accomplishments are achieved and recorded in history. Usually showcasing an increased output of art, literature, science, and culture, a golden age is often marked as the pinnacle of each specific form. For Mr. Carson Cheung, the director of Golden Credit, he hopes to be able to channel the spirit of the golden age, and lead the company to the forefront in their industry.

Established in 2010, Golden Credit is unique in the moneylending industry in that they offer tailor-made, customized loans instead of pre-determined loan packages to their clients. Carson said, “We recognize that different clients have different needs, and therefore, we do not introduce fixed repayment plans for them.” Assessing each individual client for their repayment ability, background, and individual situations, Golden Credit has dedicated themselves to helping out people in need ease their financial woes and difficulties, allowing them to shift their attentions to more important priorities in their life.

Before Golden Credit, Carson was doing trading business for a MNC company, and he had the idea to operate a simple business on his own. Already well versed in the logistics of running a business, setting up his own establishment seems like a logical next step for him. At that time in 2010, the economy crisis affected many people, and Carson saw it as an opportunity to help out those in financial need. With that, Golden Credit was thus born.

However, Carson soon encountered some challenges that threatened to derail Golden Credit’s journey. “Although I knew that I have to be prepared in any industry, there is a prominent element of uncertainty in this business. Also, we are often wrongly associated with loan sharks and unethical moneylenders.”

To survive in the industry, Carson knew he had to stand strong and determined. He said, “No challenge will be as big as challenging our own self doubt. Although I don’t consider Golden Credit a big business, I still have to prepared for whatever comes my way.” To further enhance their credibility, Carson has also tried to contact CaseTrust Singapore in order to get recognition for their business. In addition, they are now proud recipients of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2014 Award, a testament to their prominence in the moneylending industry.

Today, Golden Credit has remained one of the major players in the moneylending industry. But for Carson, his greatest achievement so far lies in the establishment of the company. “I think my achievement was to start this company, and at the same time, learning a lot from it.” With his positive spirit, it has motivated him to continuously better the company day to day. “My dreams, goals, desires, loved ones, places to see. All of these are an indication that there is truly a life to live! All of it motivates me to do what I do, and it is only possible because of my positive spirit and attitude.”

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Carson recounts to us some of the most important lessons he has learnt or encountered. “One thing which I got to do was to meet people from all walks of life. They have a lot of problems, but it is up to us to see if we can help them. Therefore, it is important for us, and for entrepreneurs, to have personal and professional integrity. An honest businessman wins the hearts of many, and integrity is the basis for success.”

Looking ahead to the future, Carson concedes that there will be plenty of variations that can happen for Golden Credit. “The climate is rather unstable for now, as the government policies may change. Therefore, we are unable to plan too far ahead. No matter what may happen for us, we will go with the times, be agile and flexible to act according to circumstances.”

With their unique offerings of customized loans, Golden Credit has ensured that they have stayed one step forward in their industry. With good and competitive service, there is little doubt that Golden Credit will continue to be a prominent company in the moneylending industry in the years ahead.

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1 Tras Link #02-05
Orchid Hotel S(078867)
T| 6224 1300


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