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Name of Recipients:
Mr. Terence Sim and Ms. Jackie Ho

On the surface, many things may share similar aesthetic values, which may lead people to categorize them together. However, should they choose to delve into their individual elements, they will find that, despite their surface similarity, there will always be elemental differences that uniquely separates them from the rest. The same can be said for Form & Space, an interior design and build company that has managed to distinguish themselves in their industry with their impeccable customer service and workmanship.

Established in 2011 by Mr. Terence Sim and Ms. Jackie Ho, Form & Space provides a series of design and build services for their clients, which includes interior design, renovation, space planning, alteration and addition works, reconstruction works, as well as project management for commercial and residential clients. Consisting of a small, dedicated team of designers, Form & Space strives to serve their clients with passion and innovation, and although much focus is given to their design and materials, their main emphasis lies in the quality and workmanship of their end products.

For Terence and Jackie, their journey to the industry materialized when they were studying other design forms, for Terence, Product Design in Temasek Polytechnic, and Architecture for Jackie in Malaysia’s Taylor’s College. But when they decided to establish a business together, they discovered that there was demand for another medium of design: interior design.

When asked for their reasons on joining the design and build industry, both directors were candid about their choice. Jackie said, “We found opportunities for this industry, and interior design is not too far off from what we studied. Plus it is fun, and we enjoy doing it!” Terence then added, “To me, everything in the house is a product, so I am able to use this philosophy and transplant my knowledge and vision towards the work I do for my clients.”

Thus, with a dream fuelled by passion and ambition, Form & Space was born.

However, as the company launched, both Terence and Jackie soon encountered their first challenge on their entrepreneurial journey. “When we first started, we were only a two-man team. We don’t know much about business, and that put a lot of obstacles in our way. For example, we were not experienced in business marketing, or about how to gather a client base. It was a steep learning curve for the both of us.”

But both Terence and Jackie were determined not to let this obstacle topple their budding ambitions. Jackie said, “We began looking into various methods like the Internet where we can read up about business management. We also consulted our friends who have experience in business, and we shared knowledge with them.” Terence then added, “It was not easy, learning about all the aspects of business, about strategy, about maximizing input with output, but I am glad to say that we did an admirable job on it.”

It is safe to say they did. Three years after their incorporation, Form & Space has now established quite a name for themselves, completing an array of projects from landed properties to offices to shop interiors. Amidst their numerous landed projects, there is one project whose end result particularly stood out for Terence and Jackie. Terence said, “This project was a two and a half storey, A and A house, and it was for a returning customer. It is one of our higher end projects, and it is also going to be featured in the upcoming SquareRooms magazine.” Jackie then adds, “It was also one of our more elaborate works, as we had to tear most of the walls down before incorporating our work. We are very satisfied with the result.”

Terence and Jackie have credited much of today’s success to their service and attitude. Terence said, “If you look at hawker food, they may all look the same, but once you taste it, you will immediately know the difference. Similarly, while on the surface we may appear to be like other interior design and build firms, our service and workmanship differentiates us from the rest. The both of us are very hands-on with the business and our clients; we make sure to always include a personal touch in our work by supervising every project that comes through, and we stay in touch with our clients and maintain a relationship with them.”

Now armed with several years of entrepreneurial experience, both Terence and Jackie knows the qualities needed to succeed in the world of business. For Terence, consistency is the key. “You definitely need to have consistency in whatever you do, no matter whether it is the end-project deliverables, or your service. Make sure there are no double standards in the way you treat your clients.” On the other hand, Jackie thinks integrity is the way to go. “Honesty, sincerity, you need to have that when you interact with your clients, because that determines how far you can go in your career.”

Aiming to build on their current success, Terence and Jackie have already laid out plans ahead for the future. Terence said, “We plan to shift our premises to one that includes a office and a showroom. As for expanding overseas, we have no plans to do so yet, because we see a lot of potential in the local market. Furthermore, if we expand too much too rapidly, we run the risk of stretching ourselves too thinly, which will dilute the quality of our work. This is what we are trying to prevent.”

With their passion, ambition, and workmanship, Form & Space has triumphed despite challenges, and placed themselves as a credible company in the competitive industry. Under the leadership of Terence and Jackie, we have no doubt that Form & Space will go on to accumulate more success, and eventually establish themselves as a prestigious company in the design industry.

Contact Details
387 Joo Chiat Road
#03-10 S(427623)
T| 6853 3683
F| 6752 3083


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