Sumo Credit Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jason Tan

The key to business marketing lies in differentiating yourself from the rest. If a company is able to conjure up an image that is fresh and unique, there is definitely a higher chance of more business coming in. For Sumo Credit Pte Ltd, this is exactly the strategy they are going for, and through offering their services in a sincere and flexible manner, they have achieved much success, and are on the way to achieve even more.

Established in January 2011 by Mr. Jason Tan, Sumo Credit is an independent and licensed moneylender, providing quick cash through personal or payday loans. Located conveniently at Serangoon Road, the company is committed to provide transparent and hassle free transactions. Whether it is for education fees, medical expenses, home renovations, or other types of personal usage, Sumo Credit promises to provide quick, efficient, and reliable cash loan services for their clients.

For Jason, the reason for setting up the company is simple. “I just wanted to do business, to manage a company on my own. I was looking into various industries, and many were actually talking about the moneylending line. I recognized that even though I am not the pioneers in this industry, there are demands for such a company, so I went ahead to establish one.”

When choosing a name, Jason was on the lookout for something memorable and unique, something that will stick in someone’s head. “I chose the word ‘sumo’ because it is cute and easy to remember.” Jason said, “This also allows us to have a logo that directly reflects the name of our company. We want to make our name, and our logo an icon, a symbol, so that it is able to stand out amongst our competitors.”

Before the business formally takes off, Jason knew that there were logistics to settle first. “First of all, we needed to look for an office space. And it needs to be in a prominent area so that it can attract the crowds.” Although Sumo Credit found their home in Serangoon Road, more challenges soon arose for the company. “With the changes the government policies, we were not allowed to do media advertising. And that alone cut our business by half. Also, with the limitations of interest, it further cuts down our profits as well.” As a result, Jason reflects that their first year of business was not an overly successful one.

To conquer these challenges, Jason and Sumo Credit knew their marketing strategies have to be creative and innovative. “For our website, we tried our best to make it as attractive as possible. That is the same for our shop front advertisements as well. We brought in LED displays, with big signboards so that we remain prominent in the area.”

With their hard work and efforts, Sumo Credit began building a name for themselves. And today, after more than three years, Sumo Credit have now acquired a reputation in the industry as a reliable service provider, and Jason credits much of it to their adopted service attitude toward their clients. “Our customers are loyal, and that is because they needed somebody that can sit and listen to them, to negotiate with them, and that is what we try our best to do. Also, while some companies are very strict on their charges, we try to be more flexible about it when our clients seek help from us, and we provide certain concessions for them. We also abide strictly by the law, and should our clients be unable to repay their loans on time, we don’t harass them, but discuss the possibility of extending the repayment period with them.”

Besides having good communications with his clients, Jason also believes in good man-management skills as well, a skill that he believes all entrepreneurs should possess. “Previously, as a self-employed man, I have lots of freedom in my career, and I can be flexible in my work however I want. But now it is different, because I no longer am just working for myself, I now have to take care of all my employees as well. I am responsible for them. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of them and their issues, as there is no one solution to people.”

As the business climate in the moneylending industry changes according to government policy changes, Jason does not truly know what lies ahead for him and Sumo Credit. “Now, the government control over this industry is very tight. If the government doesn’t interfere, Sumo Credit will remain a stable business for the foreseeable future.” Under the leadership of Jason, we are hopeful that Sumo Credit will remain as such for the years to come.

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Fortune Centre 190 Middle Road #02-06
T| 6336 0766
F| 6883 1030


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