Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Name of Recipient:
Mr. David Tang

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting is a company that specializes in Feng Shui audits, destiny analysis, and wedding date selection. Established in 2006, the company now has a string of customers who swear by their services as one of the best in the country.

Motivated by pure interest in the subject during his days as a software engineer, David decided to study extensively on Feng Shui from various masters overseas. That has further strengthened his love for the discipline and has allowed him the rare chance to expand on his knowledge on Feng Shui. David mentioned that working and learning with different teachers has allowed him the opportunity to look at Feng Shui from different perspectives. Furthermore, David also sees his role in society and commented that he is doing his part to help people. He said: “Most people come to me for three reasons – health, marriage, career. They want to be happy and successful, that’s all.”

However, at the beginning, David struggled to find a solid customer base and started out with only a client per week. However, this number slowly grew because of positive word-of-mouth in online forums. In addition, his reputation grew as David also serves as forum advisor for online forum, SG Brides, where he provides free consultations to forum members.

“Everything can be fixed”, said David. He went on to add that while a house may have a (negative) “Qi” already inherent in it, it is up to the individual to change that negative “Qi” through a Feng Shui audit. Talking at length about the importance of Feng Shui in a house, David said that the most important areas in the house are the main door, stove, bedroom, and bed location. According to David, these three areas will determine the holistic health of a person, as such, it is extremely important that people pay extra attention to the aforementioned areas in the house.

David’s Chinese Metaphysics Global stands out in the industry, as he refuses to engage in marketing or commercials. This is because he refuses to see what he does as a business, rather, he chooses to view his customers as friends, and prefers to be more informal and friendly with them.

Moreover, David’s relative youth has allowed him to connect with clients, many of them in their late twenties and thirties. He said that many of the younger generation are not satisfied with the typical Feng Shui analysis, as they prefer in depth explanations of the Feng Shui method. David mused: “Many of the younger generation are not superstitious, they want to know the reasons behind a Feng Shui audit, rather than blindly follow instructions.”

Furthermore, David refuses to sell Feng Shui ornaments to his clients. This is because he believes that authentic Classical Feng Shui is a mathematical and scientific method, as such, the use of ornaments are merely commercialized Feng Shui, rather than the practice of a real science.

Always wanting to do more for the science of Feng Shui, David is already thinking about the future of his company. His main goal is to go into teaching courses on Classical Feng Shui. However, he wants the course to be in depth as he wishes to offer potential students the breath and scope of the science and art of Feng Shui. An enthusiastic David said: “I like my course to be in depth and holistic because I want to teach everything I know to my students.”

When asked about his proudest business achievements, David said: “I’m extremely proud of the fact that 80% of my business comes from referral.” In addition, he mentioned that he has been extremely privileged to be able to successfully break into the Feng Shui industry in a relatively short time of three years.

“Take responsibility for yourself, don’t push (any) blame to others,” said David. The importance of responsibility is something that David advocates since his first day of running the business. In addition, David also said that it is extremely important to follow up on customers after their first consultation, this will help in fine-tuning the Feng Shui audits, as this is also part and parcel of a Feng Shui master’s responsibility.

Since David has no fixed office, he drives around the country to meet with his clients. His typical working day usually begins at 10am and ends at 9pm. Despite the long hours that he puts in at work each day, David feels satisfied and happy that he is privileged enough to be able to do what he loves best.

“Honesty, integrity, and skill – those are the most important aspects of being a successful businessman”, said David. Evidently, David has managed to weave these three qualities together in order to produce the high standard of service at Chinese Metaphysics Global. No doubt, the company leads the way in its modern and contemporary approach in an oftentimes-traditional industry, and it is with that; David has changed and revolutionized the Chinese Metaphysics industry in Singapore.

Contact Details:
571 Upper Serangoon Road #09-05
The Yardley S(534798)
T| 9829 9670


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