D’Workz Group Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Francis Tan

Established in September 2010 by Mr. Francis Tan, D’Workz Group Pte Ltd is a company in the construction industry, specializing in interior design, building and construction, as well as space planning services for both commercial and residential clients. In addition, D’Workz also provides other services for their clients such as the installation of security, electrical, and data cable management systems. With their wide variety of construction-related services, D’Workz prides themselves as a complete, “one-stop solution” service provider for their clients.

For Mr. Francis Tan, interior design was not an area that is new to him. Educated and trained in the art of interior designing, it was thus not a big jump for him to establish an design and build company when the right time came. Francis noted that one big motivator for his decision to start his firm was the satisfaction from his clients on his completed projects. “I really appreciate the trust that our clients have placed in me,” Francis said, “and this drives me further to do better for them each time.

However, at the time, as a new company in the competitive industry, Francis knew that they had many hurdles to cross before there can be success. “Being a young starter in this industry, it is very difficult to showcase your experience and know-how, and we depend on a lot of acknowledgements through finished projects as well as through word of mouth recommendation from our clients.” He then further added, “Such acknowledgments are not easy to come by, particularly when promises need to be made between various players. The best results happen when all promises are kept within the agreed timeframe, but this is difficult sometimes as we are all different parties with very different interests and priorities.”

In addition, the recent changes in the business climate have also posed challenges to D’Workz as well. “The rising costs of business and the restrictions on hiring foreign manpower have impacted our ability to grow quickly and meet the demands.” Francis also added, “The increasing number of contractors and agencies in this industry have also made it competitive, and skilled workers, especially carpenters, are difficult to engage and thus became expensive to hire.”

To counter the numerous challenges, Francis and D’Workz tried various approaches. He shared, “We have tried to increase the productivity of each of our staff, by empowering them with more responsibility, which allows us to keep costs under control and to develop them professionally.” They have also turned their attentions to more creative ideas as a solution. “The situation prompted us to look for alternative ways of doing business, such as using modular systems for our carpentry works for both our residential and commercial projects. This allows us to remain innovative while meeting Singapore’s challenging costs environment.”

Today, D’Workz have stayed strong in the design and build industry, despite the challenges they have encountered, and Francis credits much of D’Workz success today to their employees. He said, “We are proud that we have a good spectrum of value-added skills in my team, who never ceases to impress me with their creative and innovative ways of presenting various ideas. Each of their individual knowledge and know-how combines to provide D’Workz the slight but critical advantage over our competitors.”

Also, to this day, Francis has remained very hands-on with the company’s projects, enabling them to consistently deliver upon the quality they have promised. “I personally supervise all our projects, even if we have various project teams assigned. This has allowed me to build strong relationships with both my clients and staff, ensuring that the quality of works and services expected by my clients are fulfilled and delivered in an efficient, timely manner, while at the same time keeping my team motivated and appreciated.”

For Francis, his main motivation and driving force behind his work comes mainly from his family and associates. “My family’s support and their continued well-being have motivated me to work harder each and everyday. Furthermore, seeing my staff grow with satisfaction both at work and at home has also encouraged me to continue to explore even better ways of making the work environment both challenging and satisfactory. Also, my client’s appreciation and acknowledgement also pushes me even more, to work better for them and for my staff.”

To Francis, the success he had achieve with D’Workz was not one of chance, but borne of an attitude which he thinks all entrepreneurs should possess. “A successful business person needs to be sincere, honest, decisive, and possess good foresight. They have to maintain his or her word of honour, and of course, they have to be able to take calculated and informed risks. Because entrepreneurship is all about taking a risk with marked returns, while ensuring you always stay a pace ahead of your competitors.”

Aiming to build upon their current results, D’Workz and Francis look ahead to the future. “The next five years will be a milestone for us, and will be a very challenging period with increasing costs of doing business. We might see a credit crunch in the years ahead, with investments slowing down due to the tightening of foreign hires. Nevertheless, we will continue to look at more channels, to enable us to increase our sales volume, and have started looking into countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.”

With ambition, sincerity, and professionalism, there will be little doubt that D’Workz Group, under the leadership of Francis and the efforts of their team, will continue to triumph amongst various challenges, and accumulate even more prestige in their industry.

Contact Details:
8 Ubi Road 2 #05-08
Zervex S(408538)
T| 6837 0434
F| 6837 0483
E| francis@dworkzgroup.com


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