Win & Win Printer Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Anne Kiew

Since the Chinese invented woodblock printing before 220 A.D., there have been many easier and more efficient printing methods invented by people since then. With the demand for information in Singapore, more and more printing companies have been established locally in recent years. Win & Win Printer Pte Ltd, a design and print company, has been servicing the community’s printing needs for over eighteen years.

Established by Ms. Anne Kiew in 1995, Win & Win Printer provides a wide variety of printing services for their client’s needs. These include printing on mediums such as books, magazines, brochures, envelopes, labels, letterheads, shopping and paper bags, bookmarks, greeting cards, and more. With their variety, they have taken up projects from both private organization and government bodies.

Eighteen years ago, Anne, although young and enthusiastic in building her own career, realized that due to limited funds, she can only afford to hire one worker to help her with the production. In order to save costs, she had to be involved in production, for example packing, folding, platemaking, cutting and delivery. In addition, she would also have do client servicing, as well as design work for her clients, even though she recalls she has no design background.

During the initial stages of operation, Anne soon found herself encountering her first challenges as an entrepreneur. She reminisced, “As printing technology advances, we have the need to constantly upgrade ourselves. We would need good software, and good machines to support our output. Back then, we did not have good machines, and we are unable to get big jobs. We were not competitive.”

To solve this, Anne gradually began to change out and upgrade the machines in her possession. Between her communications with her and her clients, she also got inspiration and feedback to further improve her services, for example, acquiring the technology to digital printing, which further augmented their status as one of the leaders in the printing industry.

To further set themselves apart, Win & Win Printer also focuses particularly on personal service to their clients. Anne said, “Being in this competitive industry, we have to be different from other printers. To accomplish that, we cater one-stop design and print solutions for our clients, as well as provide comprehensive pre-print and post-print services. With our perseverance, patience and our goal to always go the extra mile to deliver our promises without compromising on the quality, that was where we were able to retain regular clients coming back for our services.”

Looking back on her entrepreneurial journey, Anne reflects on the greatest differences in her work duties since she became an entrepreneur. “With your own company, there are many responsibilities the director has to take up. Not only am I responsible for myself, but I am also responsible for my employees’ futures. I have to be constantly aware of the big picture, to make sure there’s enough income, that there’s profitable growth. When you are working for someone else, it is just you and your duties, and you cannot control the direction the company is going. But now, I have the freedom to do so.”

To Anne, one of the most important things an entrepreneur has to achieve is to amass a group of loyal and committed staff members to work for you. “It is important to show how we value our staff, especially good and responsible staff members who have been an asset to your company. Only when you value and appreciate them, then they will feel that their efforts for the company have not been wasted. An entrepreneur needs to show such mutual support and respect for their associates, their customers, and their staff.”

One other quality Anne thinks entrepreneurs should possess is decisive thinking. “An entrepreneur also must be able to make fast and decisive decisions. But should they make mistakes, learn from them, move on from there, and just make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake. Because everyone makes mistakes, but it does not make them a failure.”

With almost twenty years of history under their belt, Win & Win Printer aims to keep going for many more years, and Anne knows just how to proceed from here. “We are looking into expansion and planning to get more spaces for our company so we can bring in more machineries and advance technologies to cater to a wider range of services to our clients.”

With their spirit reflected in their company name, Win & Win Printer will no doubt continue to strive on under the leadership of Anne, and continue to remain a prominent company in the printing industry for the years to come.

Contact Details:
629 Aljunied Road #05-21
Cititech Industrial Building
T| 6842 6715
F| 6842 1438

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