A&D Printhub Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Aneel Rai

When you are trying to create things that are new, you have to be prepared to be on the edge of risk. There is no room for circumspection for the fruition of Innovation. A&D Printhub; abbreviated for Advertising and Design, something which the company is adept in. A&D Printhub is a company initiated in 2009, by father-and-son duo, Mr Aneel Rai and Mr Jaya Rai. Mr Aneel commented about this resplendent partnership, comprising of both himself and his father: “Internally, A&D represents ‘Aneel & Dad’, signifying the partnership between me and my father.”

A&D Printhub proffers idiosyncratic services such as commercial offset and digital printing services. “Our main focus is placed on designing and advertising. We are a full fledge printing house.” Mr Jaya explicated. Mr Aneel rejoined on why he decided to commence A&D Printthub: “Having worked in this industry for more than 15 years, I saw a need to improve the printing industry in terms of the innovations, print quality and ideas.” Instead of waiting for these ameliorations to take place, Mr Aneel was determined to take things into his hands and make change. A&D Printhub thrust with a swift start up. “Our aim was to go into business as fast as possible. Our office space, machineries, staff strength, and other aspects of the business grew in large numbers.” Mr Aneel recollected.

Despite A&D Printhub’s prolific start, setbacks are commonplace in an entrepreneurship. “We lacked the financial support during the start. We could not get help from our suppliers as well.” Mr Jaya responded. These impediments scourge and oppress A&D Printhub’s progress tremendously. However, the partners were staunched to reprieve the business. With a touch of luck, the business was back on the right track. “We met an inventor and he supported terms in the aspect of finance. We were then able to get the machineries for our purpose.” said Mr Aneel. Suppliers, seeing the caliber A&D Printhub possesses, soon began to have consonance with the leaders. “We managed to convince the suppliers by delivering what we promised.” Mr Jaya added on.

What make A&D Printhub idiosyncratic from the trade is its services, which are niche. “We provide fine workmanship for our products. These quality standards might have to be derived from only foreign countries.” Mr Aneel reported. “We are also one of the only few companies which provide such ‘digital and offset’ prints.” Mr Jaya continued. At the fore of these helmsmen, sales volumes catapulted to generous levels within a short span of time. A&D Printhub is also a prominent name in the marketing sector, becoming one of the leading players of the industry. The company also repudiates to saying “No” to any business that comes to them. “We are a company which is determined to resolve any problem no matter what.” Mr Jaya added.

“Entrepreneurship is all about the contribution to the society. It’s all about being beneficial to the public. In the sectors of services, employment and finance growth.” Mr Aneel mentioned. “It also allows us to develop ideas to improvise and expand the market growth in Singapore.” Without doubt, an entrepreneurship is something selfless, and bounteous to the society.

Mr Aneel proceeded to extol his father’s affectionate and invigorating guidance in his entrepreneurial venture: “My father has been in this industry for more than 35 years and well-known in this market.” Mr Aneel then thanked effusively: “My father has guided me throughout these years, and he motivated me to start the company. Due to his experience in this trade, he always try to make the best out of the company. Without him, success is not possible.”

The leaders also gave their viewpoint on a successful entrepreneur. “A successful entrepreneur strives and is always hungry for success.” Mr Aneel shared. “He must possess a never say die attitude, and most importantly patience for success to come by.” Mr Jaya answered. “Plan and do market research before make any start.” Mr Aneel then urged young people wanting to start their own business. “Make sure it is beneficial to you and your family. Entrepreneurship is not just for the sake of starting your own company to make more money.” Mr Jaya indicated the pertinence for an entrepreneurship to be selfless.

The pair was also thrilled to list some intravenous expansion plans for A&D Printhub. “We are hoping to get our own building infrastructure soon. We are also planning to expand into the Asia Pacific and European market.” Mr Aneel revealed. A&D Printhub is significance to how potent the leadership of both Mr Aneel and Mr Jaya is. This preeminence shall last for perpetuity as A&D Printhub soars to greater heights.

Contact Details:
6 Aljunied Avenue 3
#01-02 S(389932)
T| 6862 2006
F| 6746 5090
E| sales@adprinthub.com

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