Fortune Marketing Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ramu Chidambaram

Established in 2012, Fortune Marketing is a trading company that deals with import, export, and local distribution services. The company trades overseas and locally and provides local distribution for popular stores such as 7-11 and NTUC FairPrice.

There were many reasons that prompted Ramu to go into the world of business. He mentioned that there is a “feel-good factor” in creating something from scratch. He went on to explain that he gets a sense of bliss and satisfaction when he sees his company soar towards success.

The opportunity of reshaping his own future is something that excites Ramu. He said that he is an individual who believes in exercising his free will to achieve a success that he can rightfully claim to be his own.

Talking about the risk factors involved in owning a business, Ramu said that people should actually look at entrepreneurship through a different lens. To him, entrepreneurship has a better and more straightforward trade-off, as he believes that the hard worker will always be richly rewarded at the end of the day.

Operating a business in Singapore is no easy feat, it takes an adaptable mind to come up with ways to stay ahead and succeed. One of the biggest challenges is the high overhead cost involved in running a business. However, Ramu chooses to take a proactive approach to combat the supposed stacked decks. Firstly, to combat the high overhead costs, Ramu decides to seek greener pastures overseas. He said that he plans to expand his operations into other ASEAN countries, specifically, Laos and Myanmar. In addition, Ramu is also planning a bigger move, as he is already making plans to bring Singaporean food into Eastern Europe. This is a bold move for Ramu, but he is excited by the prospect to do something innovative for his business.

Asked about the ways in which he differentiates his business from his direct competitors, Ramu said, “I always try to look for the “in” thing in cultures and trends”.

Ramu said that he initially started out with nothing at all; his business dynasty is now worth an estimate of $25 million dollars. However, it is not all glitz and glamour for him, as he learnt to do business the hard way – having to work from the ground up since day one.

When asked about his source of motivation, Ramu said, “Courage only comes with passion, so you must always be running for the next challenge”. Evidently, Ramu is an individual who is not only self-assured, but also self-motivated. He said that he feels motivated by his own business and attempts to make everyday an opportunity to improve himself. He went on to add that self-esteem comes from discipline, and it is only by having the discipline to always do one’s best that one is able to be self-assured and confident.

Furthermore, Ramu also stated, “Don’t seek to replicate others, don’t be a follower”. This is clearly a statement made by an innovator, one who is not afraid to come up with new ways to do business, and one who is not afraid of failures in life.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Ramu said, “Don’t avoid business just because of the risks involved”. He said that when people have an averse fear of failure, it will cause them to feel powerless even when they have the potential to change their future for the better. He added that this “sense of paralysis” is something that people must seek to avoid because it only brings about a state of procrastination, and does nothing constructive to oneself.

He said, “I live because I do business”. Indeed the quote is something that all of us can learn from, as it exemplifies Ramu’s one-pointed focus and attention on being a business owner and making it his higher calling in life. In fact, Fortune Marketing’s success can act as a truly inspiring story for everyone to make passion and dream the main tenets of a purpose-driven life.

Contact Details:
625 Aljunied Road #06-05
Aljunied Industrial Complex S(389836)
T| 6836 1812


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