Y2K Accessories Trading

Website: www.y2k.com.sg

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Tan Chee Wai

Registered in 2002, Y2K Accessories Trading is a wholesaler of mobile phone and tablet accessories trusted by many. One can find mobile phone accessories for prominent mobile phones and tablet to little known and obscure models.

A wholesale retailer for mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and tablet accessories, Y2K is able to say that they offer almost every product that customers can think of. One of the many ways in which Y2K is able to stand apart from their competitors in the industry is their emphasis on providing products for lesser known tablet and mobile phone brands and models. This approach has helped Y2K create a name for themselves as they are able to provide a market for people with more unique tastes.

In addition, Y2K also manufactures a wide range of their own in-house products that range from chargers, which are safety approved by SPRING Singapore to mobile phone covers. It is a testament to their services and products that Y2K is still highly lauded by customers ten years into operation. In addition, Y2K is also extremely proud of the fact that all their products are safety approved and highly reliable for consumer usage.

Y2K also ensures that they are consistently up to date on new products in the market. This will help to guarantee that the products they bring in will always stay relevant to the customers’ demands of any particular moment. However, Y2K is also aware of older products that are still in demand from customers. It is with an awareness of the past, and a keen interest in future trends and products that Y2K has been able to meet their customers’ demands time after time.

One of the three founders, Tan Chee Wai, says that one must always be passionate in his/her chosen craft. He stated, “An entrepreneur is someone who always tries his/her best at every given moment”. This shows that the successful entrepreneur is not only a go-getter, but also an individual who places a lot of focus on doing things the right way.

When asked about his daily source of inspiration, Chee Wai said that he is constantly reinvigorated as he has a strong interest in mobile phones. He has been fascinated with mobile phones because of its ability to allow communication among people, even when they are not face-to-face with each other.

Talking about the necessary qualities to succeed as entrepreneurs, Chee Wai says that one must always focus on being customer-centric. This is because the livelihood of a business is inextricably tied with customer’s satisfaction. In addition, the team at Y2K also stands behind the idea of maintaining a high level of professionalism in the services that they provide.

A typical working day for Chee Wai includes the usual hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship. Chee Wai said that his job is to make sure that the typical hectic schedule turns into one of peacefulness at the end of the day. Elaborating more on this seemingly esoteric stance, Chee Wai said, “The typical working day is definitely busy, however, if you can turn this ‘busy’ into ‘peace’ by the end of the day, it shows that you have solved (some) problems at work.”

Ultimately what is being highlighted is the insistence of discipline at work, Chee Wai said that he has no doubts that his team has embodied this very trait, or else Y2K would never have taken off.

Evidently, Y2K has shown that it is not only a company that prides itself on supplying the most comprehensive products to their customers, the team also fully stand behind the principle of work ethics and discipline. It is no surprise that customers have been singing the praises of Y2K, and this wholesale retailer of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and tablet accessories will only continue to maintain their standard of excellence for more eager customers.

Contact Details:
1 Rochor Road #02-632 Rochor Centre
T| 6333 3355
E| cheewai@y2k.com.sg

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