Yiz Mei Beauty Consult & Treatment Centre

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Kettrin Tan
Ms. Joanne Choy

With the popularity of beauty centers nowadays, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice when they want to beautify themselves. But one company that has defined themselves as a tried and tested choice is Yiz Mei Beauty Consult & Treatment Centre, a company with a long history of providing good and effective treatments for their clients.

Established in 1993 by Ms. Kettrin Tan and Ms. Joanne Choy, Yiz Mei Beauty provides a wide range of beauty treatments, including facials, waxing, body treatments, eyebrow embroidery, and even makeup and beauty. With their emphasis on natural treatments, Yiz Mei Beauty has used their expertise and years of experience to provide treatments that produces the same effect as plastic surgery.

The entrepreneurial foray into the beauty industry came about as a result of the friendship between Kettrin and Joanne. Joanne said, “We were colleagues, and we worked together for a period of time and became good friends.” Kettrin then added, “The both of us wanted to make people’s skin beautiful. We enjoy giving a makeover to other people, creating a different look.” With their shared passion and desire, Kettrin and Joanne thus joined forces and established Yiz Mei Beauty.

As with any new business, both founders soon find themselves encountering challenges. “There are some people from within the beauty industry that made it much tougher to survive.” Kettrin said, “There were a lot of scams and cons, and beauty centres had a bad reputation.” Joanne then adds, “New customers find it hard to gain faith in a new establishment. So we had to work hard to regain the faith from the people.”

So work hard they did. One of the ways that the founders overcame their challenges came about in online advertising. Kettrin said, “Through internet deals such as Groupon, we make the service cheap, so that people can come and try out what our services are all about. Through experiencing our services, the customers know which companies to choose, based on results and reliability. Most of our clients today are based on word-of-mouth recommendations.” She then further added, “In the meantime, we continue to be innovative in our treatments for our clients. We personally try out these treatments ourselves before introducing them, and we only pick the treatments which show the most visible results.”

This year, Yiz Mei Beauty celebrates twenty years since its establishment, and both founders attributed their success to the services and results they have presented. “There are salons, but very often they provide only common service.” Kettrin said, “We want to be different, and to do that, we don’t repeat treatment from new customers who have received the same from elsewhere. For example, we have this treatment called acupuncture beauty therapy which is needle-less, and it produces similar results to Botox. Many of our competitors tried to copy this treatment but they did not manage to get the true essence of it.”

With twenty years of entrepreneur experience under their belts, both Kettrin and Joanne know well what it takes to achieve the kind of success they did, and they now share with us their advices. Kettrin said, “I think the most important thing is to be sincere to your clients. We treat our customers as friends, and these customers bring in new customers, and there are times where whole families come for our services.” In addition, Kettrin believes aspiring entrepreneurs should be committed to their business. “They have to remember that they will need to sustain this business for years, and when you have employees under you, you have made a commitment to provide employment for them as well. If you are not determined, it would not prove your mettle as an entrepreneur.”

On the other hand, Joanne believes in teamwork within the company. She said, “Without our team, we might not have had the success of today. To show our appreciation, we organize a company trip every year, and it is a promise to our employees that still goes on today.” She also further adds, “It has not been an easy road, and there might be lots of difficulty for new entrepreneurs, but they must not give up easily, and should be determined and persevere on to bring success for their businesses.”

Looking onward to the future, the founders excitedly shares with us their upcoming plans. Joanne said, “Within the next five years, we hope to bring our total amount of outlets to six, which was our aim all along.” Kettrin then adds, “For the past twenty years, we have introduced new packages periodically, and it is something we will definitely continue doing.”

With their experience and expertise driving the business along, there is little doubt that Yiz Mei Beauty, under the leadership of Kettrin and Joanne, will go on to accumulate even more success for the years to come.

Contact Details:
433 Clementi Avenue 3
#01-268 S(120433)
T| 6873 6266
E| kettrin_yizmei@hotmail.com


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