T.T. Chua Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Chua Tian Teng

Many dream to be entrepreneurs, but not all of them realize that, to reach the top, they would need to put in a phenomenal amount of hard work, make lots of sacrifices, and possess the determination that will set them apart from the rest. Mr. Chua Tian Teng, the founder and managing director of T.T. Chua Construction, is one such individual who has conquered the odds to achieve the success he has today.

Established in 1989, T.T. Chua Construction is involved in the construction industry, specializing in services such as building construction, earthworks, and civil engineering. They also provide transportation for building materials such as soil, sand and large volume items. Currently, T.T. Chua Construction has an office situation in the heart of Clementi, and under Mr. Chua’s guidance, the company has carved out a reputation as a reliable and experienced serviced provider.

It all started out as a teenage dream of Mr. Chua’s, when he was just a young man working odd jobs. He had only one dream in mind: to become a successful businessman. To achieve this dream, he took up these jobs as a way of gaining experience, a way of preparing for his future career. By observing how different business are operated and managed, Mr. Chua would one day use these skills and knowledge to lead his own company.

In 1989, Mr. Chua, using all his savings, founded T.T. Chua Construction. Due to their limitations in manpower and equipment, the company could only tender for smaller projects. But what they lack in resources, Mr. Chua makes up for it in professionalism. Personally leading his team, Mr. Chua would lead them to the completion of every project. With his dedication and professionalism, the number of projects granted to the company soon increased, a sign that T.T. Chua Construction has truly achieved the success Mr. Chua desired.

To maintain their reputation of excellent service, T.T. Chua Construction makes sure to conduct strict checks on their workers, ensuring that safety practices are practiced during potentially dangerous site works. Mr. Chua explains, “You have to protect your workers, because they are your assets.”

With over twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Mr. Chua shares with us some secrets to his success. “A strong foundation in management,” he says, “is very important, as it allows us to respond quickly and move forward when business opportunities are presented to us.”

However, Mr. Chua also feels that the entrepreneur, the one leading the company forward, has to be a strong individual as well. “They need to have experience, be hardworking, and have the passion to make their business succeed. My passion started when I was only fourteen years old. So for an entrepreneur, they need to start from young, and they need to have experience first. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that their business would start right away, it is a process that begins much earlier.”

Mr. Chua knows the time would come when he would need to find someone to take over. “In the construction line, you cannot be too old if you want to personally lead your team.” He said. “Sometime from now, I would need to start to look for a successor to my business.” Mr. Chua also adds that although T.T. Chua Construction has achieved the success it has today, expansion in the construction industry is difficult, and hence, he is not planning for a company expansion just yet.

But with his passion for his business still burning more than twenty years after he established T.T. Chua Construction, we have faith that Mr. Chua would continue to lead the company onwards to more success in the coming years.

Contact Details:
106 Clementi Street 12
#02-38 S(120106)
T| 6773 0122
E| ttchuaconst@singnet.com.sg

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