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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Simon Teo

There are many moments in life worthy of a picture. A birth, a graduation, a wedding. Photographers have the job of capturing the essence of the moment, which will allow their clients to look back one day, and reminisce about these great moments. One photography company, Simon Video & Photo Service, has had many years of experience in capturing such moments, providing quality photography for any event.

Established by Mr. Simon Teo in 1988, Simon Video provides photography and videography services, specializing on ROM and wedding events. This includes the ROM Ceremony, the actual day wedding, studio photos, as well as the photo and video montage. In addition, they also provide studio packages, rental of bridal car, and even makeup services for any video occasion.

Before Simon Video was established, Simon was working as a freelance photographer for six years. In this time, he had gathered his own set of customers, who referred to his service as “Simon Video”. In addition, Simon was working occasionally as a last minute actor, and through this work, he got to know more people, including celebrities who later became his customers. This eventually gave him the idea to begin his own photography and videography business, and using the name that his customers gave him, Simon begun Simon Video & Photo Service.

But as with any business in any industry, Simon Video encountered its own set of challenges. As many of his customers are Chinese, this meant that Simon and his team can only work ten out of twelve months in a year, as Chinese tradition deems the third and seventh Chinese months as taboo months. However, this also meant that much business comes in at the end of the year, when it is the auspicious months in the Chinese calendar. But to make up for the two months of relative inactivity, Simon established another business on the side, Elegant Beauty Saloon, to occupy his time.

Having been in the industry for over twenty years, Simon and his team has had more experience compared to other photography firms out there. “After so many years, we know of wedding customs very well. Younger competitors are not as familiar to such customs as us. Now, we have clients from all races, and we even went to countries like Korea, Bali, and Taiwan for overseas assignments.” Knowing of their growing popularity, Simon notes his satisfaction at seeing their brand name spread far and wide, a testament to their quality of their services.

As a veteran entrepreneur, Simon has some advice to share with aspiring business owners. “If you want to do something, do it well. Protect your clients, protect the company. Make sure you can handle your business well. That means you have to persevere on and be sure of what you want to do, because you have to deliver what you promise. In addition, Simon also emphasizes the importance of family support when doing business. “You definitely have to create a work-life balance. Family life is very important to me. My family has supported me for very long. My wife manages my accounts and email, while my children aid in the editing of photo and videos.”

Although Simon Video has accumulated a large amount of customers, Simon is content to let the company remain how they are for the moment. Currently, their mission is “customers first.” Hence, they are only focusing on doing the best for them as much as possible. But under Simon’s leadership, Simon Video & Photo Service will definitely continue to provide quality service and results for all of their clients.

Contact Details:
18 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
#01-254 S(310018)
T| 6777 9002

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