Sankei Eagle Singapore Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Rege Abhijit Suresh

Known for their specializations in the areas of automation design, system integration and manufacturing services for various industries, Sankei Eagle is a company that possesses great ambitions to further their products and services. Always believing in customer satisfaction is of their primary importance, the company stated that they would always look ahead so as to expand on their product range and continuously pursue better ways to go about doing their business.

Sankei Eagle is also a company that is extremely proud of its staff. Key employees have been working with the company for many years involved in numerous projects which deals with material handling, robotic arms and vision application. It is with the expertise and knowledge of these senior members of the staff that the company has had no problems in providing complete turn-key solutions from concept designs to volume manufacturing as well as troubleshooting all of their customers’ problems. Moreover, these senior members will tend be able to help to teach the younger members of the staff about the technical know-hows required in their work. As such, a new generation of competent workers will be groomed up to continue with Sankei Eagle’s heritage of offering impeccable services.

It is with their efficient and trustworthy services that they have achieved ISO 13485:2003. It must be duly noted that the ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System was established and executed for the Administration, Production, Engineering and QA departments of Sankei Eagle. This accolade is not only to show recognition to their services, but also to enable that the company continues with their high level of professionalism.

The management ensured that they perfected their craft in order to meet all the requirements of the ISO 13485:2003. The representative of the management team was responsible in leading and controlling all the aspects of the quality management requirements, in addition, the management has also since established the policy and objectives as a target in achieving this API quality program.

In addition, individual department heads will lead their team in implementing and achieving the objectives identified by Sankei Eagle. Sankei Eagle also uses the approach of “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) concept during the implementation of the ISO 13485:2003. Clearly, this is a company with a clear direction in mind and is able to cleverly convert their direction into practical applications.

With so many implementations, it is little wonder that they have managed to bring about customer satisfaction. However, Sankei Eagle is not a company that will stay in their comfort zone, as the customer’s feedback and surveys only work for the sales team to better understand their customers and make the appropriate adjustments when necessary.

Their attention to detail and strive for perfection has also brought about an increase in market share. It is probably due to the fact that the ISO 13485:2003 quality management system that has helped the company in venturing into the biomedical industry. Due to their accreditation, many customers are more assured that the services offered are top-notch.

The company is also one that resembles a family more than a workplace. It is Sankei Eagle’s strong belief that a workplace must be in a state of harmony, only through that, that people will develop a sense of chemistry and work together as a team with common visions and goals.

Plans of expansions are on the cards, as the company looks forward to explore other areas of business, in particular, the food and beverages industries, renewable energy industries, biomedical industry, and research and developing their own products.

Ultimately, it is with great zest and devotion that Sankei Eagle has managed to secure their success so far. It is undoubtedly that they will be able to expand and improve on this zest and devotion to maintain and eventually gain more success in the coming years.

Contact Details:
No. 2 Woodlands Sector 1 #03-19
Woodlands Spectrum S(738068)
T| 6481 7535
F| 6481 7639

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