Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Mathilda Koh

Living in a fast-paced society like Singapore, it is not uncommon for people to neglect their physical wellbeing, resulting in various health-related issues. This is where Bioskin steps in.

Bioskin has always been associated with superior and technology-driven products and treatments related to the face and the body. They also provide spa services, scalp and slimming treatments, as they seek to provide a holistic solution for all beauty woes.

Starting her own business in 1996, when she was still 22 years old, the company’s CEO, Mathilda Koh, had to be able to juggle everything that was required for daily business operation back then. She mentioned that it was a one-man show in the very beginning, and that it was quite tough work. However, Mathilda says that the experience has actually allowed her to form lasting friendships with her clients. It is with a personal touch that Bioskin has garnered many glowing reviews and positive testimonies. The company saw an increased in customers as many came to their doors after hearing rave reviews.

It should be noted that Mathilda first got exposure to the intricacies of beauty products while she was working as an air stewardess. She mentioned that she started developing skin problems because of the air pressure and dry air in the cabin. As such, her friend recommended her to try a product to treat her skin problems, and it was highly effective and cleared her skin. This chance encounter peaked her interest in the area of beauty products, and she started researching and taking courses, eventually becoming a certified beautician.

Mathilda is a go-getter and a person with a strong sense of perseverance, as she highlights that she is always seeking to improve and upgrade her skills. She said: “I tell myself, I want to do even better, for myself and for (my customers).” Clearly, this shows that Bioskin’s success has not made them complacent, on the contrary, their success have made them even more hardworking as they are always keen to breakthrough to the next level.

Even with so much competition in the beauty industry, Bioskin is able to stand out because they serve their customers with deep sincerity. In addition, the company is always on the lookout for the newest technology so that they can offer their customers with more holistic and up-to-date services. Mathilda said: “Just like technology is always advancing, a business must always move forward and keep up with the times.” Hence, in order to stay current and contemporary, Bioskin frequently provides training for their employees so that they remain knowledgeable in their area of expertise.

The public can expect bigger things from Bioskin, as they are looking to expand their operations more into the Asian market using a regional franchise model. Moreover, the company is also preparing for public listing in the near future.

Bioksin has received many recognitions and accolades for their hard work. These include awards like Slimming and Hair Trusted Brand, Superbrands, Singapore Brands and so on. These recognitions act as added motivations for the company to continue with their good services to customers.

When asked about the origins of the company’s name, Mathilda mentioned that the word “Bioskin” means the “human skin”. She went on to say that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it acts as a protection against damage to the internal organs. It is also the first organ to experience and environmental damages. It is with that in mind that Mathilda decided to name her company “Bioskin”, as the name shows that the company has the intention of providing a holistic and natural beauty solution for everyone with any skin or body related issues.

Mathilda went on to add that all successful businessperson must possess true grit and the courage to dream. She elaborated that a successful businessperson is one who is able to accept criticisms as they provide the best form of education for self-improvement.

When asked to give advise to potential entrepreneurs, she quipped: “I always tell people to dare to dream and dare to do.” She elaborates that a lot of younger people have refreshing and innovative ideas; therefore, it is up to the young to take the next step and implement their ideas into action.

Mathilda stated: “it is never an easy step but determination and perseverance is the key to success.” Evidently, Bioskin is a company that will soar to much greater heights with their strength of character and professionalism. These two traits will also see them maintain their level success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-13 S(059817)
T| 6225 3755
F| 6327 8550

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